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Elunevision vs. Elite Screens

Elunevision vs. Elite Screens

When it comes to projector screen manufacturers, there’s a long list of companies that you can buy from.

However, two names that have risen to the top are EluneVision and Elite Screens. Both companies have gained traction recently, especially as home theater projection rooms have grown popular.

But which company is the better manufacturer? Which one should you buy from?

In this article, we’ll be diving into the details of both companies and breaking everything down for easy comparison!

We have found that Elite Screens is the better manufacturer. In terms of the markets they cater to, EluneVision and Elite Screens are tied. But Elite Screens wins in terms of features, materials, quality, real user experience, customer service, and safety. This makes it the overall winner of the comparison.

Who They Cater To?

Elunevision and Elite Screens are companies that deal in projector screens. However, although their targeted markets are similar, the companies are not the same. 

When it comes to picking which projector screen company to buy from, it’s best to go with the business that makes products specially catered to people with the same interests as yours. 

In this section, we’ll dive into each company’s consumer base, and how that might help you.


EluneVision Aurora 8K Projection Screen.

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EluneVision is best known for its solid collection of projector screens capable of various uses, whether for educational purposes, corporate meetings, or personal enjoyment.

In fact, one of their selling points as a company is how their projector screens are very multipurpose and thus appealing to a wide range of customers.

This is because their targeted audience is made up of casual projector screen users – those who tend to treat projector screens as mere tools, rather than a hobby or passion.

Because of this, they have cultivated products that offer varying features while retaining an appeal to most anyone who needs a projector screen.

However, EluneVision also offers a customized screen service to balance this out, making it the perfect choice if you have a very specific build in mind.

Elite Screens

Elite Screens VMAX2 Projector Screen

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Between the two, Elite Screens has developed a wider collection of projector screens, making it even more appealing to a broad range of customers.

However, unlike EluneVision, Elite Screens offers projector screens that cater to more niche markets – especially customers who use projector screens for their hobbies and passions.

Elite Screens captures both the general market and the niche markets when it comes to projector screens.

Winner: Tie. It truly depends on what you need and how you plan to use your projector screen. 

Both companies offer multipurpose projector screens, but if you want a customized projector screen, EluneVision would be the best choice for you. 

But if you’re looking to get a ready-made projector screen that’s suited to niche uses, Elite Screens should be a better fit.

Features, Materials, and Quality

projection screen

Now that we’ve talked about each company’s intended market and how that might help you choose which is best for you, let’s move on to the features, quality, and materials they offer.

When it comes to features, you might have some specific ones in mind, such as motorization, multidimensional projection, or a certain video definition. If you can find all or most of the features you want in one company, that makes them a better choice for you.

When it comes to materials, you should research which company has the specific materials you need for your ideal projector screen – such as materials that can reject ambient light or be used as a whiteboard.

Finally, the company that offers more durable products that deliver their promised product quality is definitely the better choice when it comes to quality.


In terms of features, EluneVision has a decent variety, including projectors that can handle 3D video, tab-tension, 4K video definition, 8K video definition, and short throw projector video.

They also have several options for the setup of the projector screen, including:

In terms of materials, they have several types of trademark materials:

EluneVision Aurora 8K Projection Screen.

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Aurora 4K Ambient Light Rejection uses nanoparticles to reject ambient light
Aurora 4K Short Throw A.L.R. perfect for high power LED short throw projectors
Aurora Perforated Ambient Light Rejection allows audio waves to pass through micro-perforations
Reference Studio 4K visualizes accurate colors using micro texture
Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K adds micro holes to allow sound to pass through
Silver Pearl 1.4 Gain maintains uniform white field and deep black levels
Cinema White 1.2 Gain allows for precise image reproduction
Cinema Grey 1.1 Gain provides deeper black levels while maintaining white levels
Filmvision Rear Projection allows for a wide 120-degree viewing angle

In terms of quality, they market their projector screens as well worth their price, since they are affordable and contain many nifty features..

Elite Screens

In terms of features, Elite Screens has an even wider range than EluneVision. Their projector screens can handle 3D video, 4K video definition , 8K video definition, and tab-tension.

Elite Screens Aeon Series/ 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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They also offer more options for the setup, including:

In terms of materials, they offer ambient light rejection (ALR), ceiling light rejection (CLR), whiteboard, and DIY projector screens. 

Elite Screens Sable Frame CineGrey 3D - Ceiling and Ambient Light Rejecting Material

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Their trademark materials fall under different categories, including:

  • AcousticPro
  • CineGrey
  • CineWhite
  • CLR
  • DynaWhite
  • MaxWhite
  • PowerGain 
  • StarBright
  • VersaWhite
  • WraithVeil
  • Designer Cut Series

In terms of quality, Elite Screens has its promise right in its name – its screens are elite, and its users have attested to it through reviews!

Winner:  Elite Screens. In terms of the variety of features and materials alone, Elite Screens wins.

Real User Experience

But of course, what matters is how the projector screens are when used – not what the companies promise!

As always, it’s important to research before buying anything, and researching what real users have experienced is often the best indicator of whether a company is good.

To save you time, we’ve collected the information that real users have reported online, all in one place!


EluneVision Elara Nano Edge Projector Screen Review & How To

According to users, EluneVision is a decent brand in terms of features, quality, and materials. Thus, users rate EluneVision products highly.

However, many users have complained that you can buy nearly identical projector screens from other companies at a much lower price.

They have also pointed out that it’s not as well-known for its quality, even in niche projection communities. This may be because it’s not as old or as global as Elite Screens, but it is part of why users are more likely to buy from Elite Screens.

Elite Screens

100in Projector Screen Review by Elite Screens

According to users, Elite Screens is one of the go-to brands for projector screens well worth their price. 

Many projector screen company comparisons are made with Elite Screens and other brands because it’s one of the top names in the industry.

Compared to EluneVision, its name carries much weight in the projector screen community, and it has a reputation for being high quality for everything from the everyday to niche uses.

Winner: Elite Screens. Elite Screens has the reputation and quality to back up its name, even with real users.

Customer Service

customer service

Ideally, you would never have to use customer service, especially if you choose a company that has high-quality products.

However, accidents – as well as the natural wear and tear of time – happen, and may damage your projector screen. In this case, customer service is important, so you can directly ask the company what to do.

And if your warranty is still valid, you’ll want to contact them to see if you can get a refund or a free repair.

No matter the situation, customer service is a key part of choosing which company to buy from.


EluneVision customer service

EluneVision offers standard customer service that is decent for a company their size.

They offer several ways to contact them, including:

  • A telephone number
  • An email address
  • A general contact form
  • A technical support form

Through these channels, you’ll be able to talk to their team and sort out any technical issues.

Elite Screens

more channels for customer service

On the other hand, Elite Screens has a more fleshed-out customer service, which is fitting, since their products are popular all over the world.

They offer more channels for customer service, including telephone numbers and email addresses for each country they sell their products in.

They also have a contact form, a return for credit RMA form, and a warranty and technical support request form on their website.

This way, you will be able to receive quick and specialized customer service depending on which country you live in.

Winner: Elite Screens. With its dedicated customer service for each country, Elite Screens is the clear winner here.


Finally, we come to safety. 

Safety is always an important factor, especially when you’re dealing with motorized projector screens.

Before you buy any projector screens, always look at how the company produces its products.


EluneVision Aurora 8K NanoEdge ALR Fixed-Frame Projection Screen.

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EluneVision is particularly weak in this category. 

While it doesn’t have a reputation for creating unsafe products, it also doesn’t make any specific promises when it comes to safety. 

It also doesn’t have special certifications from third parties that ensure its manufacturing process is more than standard.

Elite Screens

Elite Screens Manual Series Projector Screen

Click the image for more info

Elite Screens shines in this category.

Unlike EluneVision, Elite Screens has gone out of its way to attain an ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

This certification means that all of their products are manufactured according to quality management systems guidelines, so you can rest assured their products are safe to use.

Winner: Elite Screens. With its ISO certification, Elite Screens is more reputable in its promise of high-quality products.

Which Is Better?

Out of all the categories, there was one tie and four wins for Elite Screens, making Elite Screens the overall winner.

Elite Screens Manual Series

Click the image for more info


EluneVision caters to a general market and the customized projector screen market, while Elite Screens dominates the general and niche pre-made projector screen markets.

Elite Screens offers more choices for features, setup, and materials than EluneVision. 

Users put more trust in Elite Screens and believe that EluneVision is a bit overpriced for its quality.

EluneVision offers standard customer service, while Elite Screens offers customer service that is specialized for each country.

EluneVision’s safety measures don’t stand out in any way, but Elite Screens has an ISO certification for its manufacturing process.

In the end, the better company all depends on what you’re looking for. But in general, Elite Screens is the winner of this comparison.

We hope this article helped you!

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