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[Review] Doosl Wireless Presenter With A Green Laser Pointer

Review of: Doosl Presenter

What We Like

  • LED screen
  • Long-range
  • Extended battery charge
  • Internal storage receiver
  • Intuitive button controls

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky

It’s easy to get lost in a lecture and be unable to tell how much time is left. When this happens, it’s common to either present too much information in one class or not reach the end of the chapter.

If you’ve ever run into this problem before, then having a laser pointer that has unique time management features can be a huge upgrade. In this article, we will be reviewing such product, which is the Doosl Presenter.


The Doosl Presenter is a unique model that features newer upgrades in laser pointer technology.

Being one of the latest models, it includes a unique vibrating alert system, which can help you manage your time without having to check a clock or your watch.

It also features a few other easy controls all in a compact unit that’s no larger than a pen.

Who Is This Product For?

While this device may seem the most useful for teachers and professors, anyone can benefit from a bit of time management.

Planning an entire speech can only go so far unless you’re aware of the time.

As a teacher, influencer, or businessman, having an all-in-one presenter can make a huge difference when you’re out on the floor trying to inspire others.

This device is recommended for bigger spaces that can host up to 3,000 people.

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What’s Included?

The kit includes the Doosl Presenter and a USB receiver.

Overview of the Features

Here is an overview of the Doosl Presenter features:

  • Range

Featuring a range that reaches up to 300 feet, this unit uses a top-of-the-line microchip USB receiver that helps keep the connection stable throughout the room.

You’ll be able to walk all around the room and use the device at any angle because of the 360-degree control without direction limitations.

  • Controls

Unlike other models, the controls of this device are straightforward.

There are up and down scrolling buttons, full-screen mode, and a sleep button.

You’ll also be able to hold down the buttons to exit a program and switch between modes.

  • Design

As for the design, the Doosl features a powerful green laser, which illuminates the screen from a distance.

It runs on a 600mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery that can be charged in just one and a half hours.

Once it’s done charging it can be used for up to 45 hours, which makes it perfect for those who travel.

Located on the laser pointer is a LED screen, which displays the WiFi connection, battery level, time, and a timer that you can program and set to countdown.

This allows you to monitor your speech or lecture without the use of a watch or clock.

  • Support and Compatibility

Lastly, it’s important to understand the compatibility and support of a laser pointer.

Each one is designed differently. This device’s list of compatible software programs include:

  • Google Slides
  • Prezi
  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PPT
  • ACD See
  • Websites
  • iWork

The compatibility is only available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2003
  • XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

How to Use This Device

Using the device is a bit more complicated than other laser pointers on the market, especially if you want to use the other features.

Once you receive this device, you will need to charge it via the micro USB cable.

After you are done charging the device, you can go ahead and set up the settings.

This includes the time, wireless settings, and countdown clock.

After that, plug the USB receiver into your laptop, and the device will automatically sync without having to download any extra software.

Once that’s set up, then you can go ahead and use the device. While you’re using it, you can look at the display to see the battery and time.

After your lecture, you can just simply power it off and put it away.



There are many excellent professional laser pointers on the market.

Another one that we would recommend is the Logitech Professional R800 Presenter.

Logitech Professional Presenter R800, Wireless Presentation Clicker Remote with Green Laser Pointer and LCD Display
  • The brilliant Green laser pointer is powerful and easy to see, even on LCD and Plasma displays and...
  • The LCD display with timer lets you manage your time with silent, vibrating alerts and controls that...
  • With a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters), you can enjoy the freedom to move around the room and...

This laser features a bright green beam that is powered by two AAA batteries.

The device stays powered for up to 20 hours of continuous laser use or 1,050 hours of clicker use.

The presenter can be used up to 100 feet away, which allows you to move around the room.

As for the controls, the right button will enable you to move through the slide, and the left button allows you to go back.

You’ll be able to start and stop your presentation by holding down the buttons, and you can control the laser beam as well.

This unit also features a bright LCD display wherein you can see the battery life and the remaining time that you have with your audience.

It will vibrate when you’re down to five minutes, two minutes, and when the set time runs out.


Presenters are an excellent way to help your next presentation become a success.

Each device is different, but the Doosl Presenter includes a whole host of options and features that are worth paying for.

It features a simple and easy-to-use design, which can be useful if you’re not tech-savvy.

You’ll also get to enjoy a wide range, allowing you to stand away from your laptop or computer without worrying about the connection being lost.

Hopefully, this review has helped you decide if the Doosl Presenter is a good fit for you.

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