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Does YouTube Support HDR?

Does YouTube Support HDR?

A High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an imaging technology that improves the quality of an image that displays receive. It supports an increase in a dynamic range of pictures and videos. HDR influences how the brightness and colors of videos and pictures are shown on the screen. 

YouTube supports HDR. And one can upload HDR videos on YouTube. HDR content displays higher contrast with more colors and details than Standard Digital Video.

Uploading HDR Videos to YouTube

To enable proper playing of HDR content on YouTube, one must have HDR metadata in the coder-decoder (codec). The most efficient way to correctly record the metadata is to export it from a supported app.

Sometimes one may not be able to export standard HDR metadata; if it happens, you can use the HDR tool. It enables one to add HDR metadata to a video.

However, one must grade the video using the HDR transfer function for the YouTube HDR metadata tool to work appropriately. One has to ensure that the video is graded because the HDR tool will distort the videos if it is not.

Most videos that say they’re “HDR” in the heading are not actually graded with an HDR transfer function. It is because the tool will not work on them.

One should not use the YouTube HDR metadata tool unless they are conversant with color grading. Nonetheless, one can grade their video in HDR.

One can use Rec. 2020 with PQ or HLG when grading the video. Applying a different configuration, like DCI P3, will cause incorrect results. 

After marking a video correctly as HDR, uploading it follows a step by step process:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the video symbol found at the top right-hand side of the window
  3. Press Upload Video
  4. Click on Select Videos to Upload to look for the necessary video file saved on your computer.
  5. An optional step is to select the privacy setting on your video
  6. Give it an SEO-friendly title. It enables video discovery accessible via search engines.
  7. Add a video description. It enables the viewers to know what the video is about
  8. Add tags. It performs as a tool to aid the discovery of your content

Once the uploading is done, YouTube will sense the HDR metadata and process it, creating HDR transcodes. The transcodes are suitable for HDR devices and an SDR down conversion for non-HDR devices.

HDR for YouTube with Final Cut Pro

HDR Video Requirements

After a video is on YouTube, the app supports all resolutions. YouTube will automatically change HDR videos to SDR videos when needed.

How Do I Enable HDR on YouTube?

Many things take place on YouTube, including streaming videos, games, or other content. One can stream HDR video to YouTube live.

HDR enables a YouTuber to display more realistic and vibrant colors to their viewers. However, this can happen on devices that are HDR compatible.

To stream HDR on YouTube, one needs a compatible phone or display.

Xperia 1 III - 5G Smartphone

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Live Stream HDR Gaming Content

One needs to follow the following to play a game in HDR.

  • Choose a game that can display HDR output
  • Turn on HDR in the game’s settings
  • Use a screen that can display HDR
  • Use a suitable encoder

Live Stream Other HDR Video Content

One can stream HDR video content by:

  • Using a compatible encoder
  • Use a camera that is HDR compatible with PQ or HLG color standards

Can YouTube Play 4K HDR?

The YouTube app supports streaming content at a 4K resolution with HDR. The feature is easy to access.

One must select a video available at 4K and then choose the preferred resolution like 2160p. This feature is available on all devices, even android phones.

Moreover, one can watch the videos at any desired resolution, even if the phone or screen has a low resolution. However, the experience would be better on HDR-capable screens like BenQ EL2870U , SAMSUNG 32inch 4K , and more.

SAMSUNG 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor

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Playing 4K HDR Content

One can use the YouTube app to watch content in 4K HDR. The videos cannot play in 4K resolutions if played through the TV internet browser.

Sony X80J 65 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

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On your Android TV like Hisense ULED 4K Premium  or Google TV like Sony X80J65 Inch  you can:

1. Set the YouTube video content quality to 4K

  • While watching your video, click the Enter button
  • Click the arrow buttons, and select More 
  • Select the 4K icon

When a blue 4K icon is shown, the content you are viewing is in 4k resolution. If the blue 4K is not shown, then the video is in another resolution

Select 2160p from video quality options.

2. Select the motion flow settings

If you are using a remote:

  • Click the Action Menu button. Ensure the video is playing on YouTube before clicking the action menu
  • Choose Picture adjustments
  • Choose Advanced settings
  • Choose Motion
  • Choose Motion flow
  • Choose Standard

The network speed or use circumstances may cause videos to buffer during playback at 4K HDR resolution. The network environment may also hinder one from selecting 2160p 4K.

Extra Features Available With 4K Plus

It enables you to add additional viewing selections to your YouTube TV base plan. Moreover, with 4K plus, you can enjoy limitless simultaneous streams at home.

One can also use the mobile app to watch offline videos using a tablet or phone.


HDR has taken YouTube to another level. The quality that comes with using HDR is impressive. A lot of people are enjoying YouTube content because of this feature.

Uploading an HDR video is not complicated; therefore, more content creators are availing of videos with this feature. Hence, the content creators earn more views because more people flood to enjoy their content.

A significant hindrance to HDR is that most devices are not HDR compatible. Hopefully, more companies will make their gadgets HDR-compatible so that more people can enjoy this feature.

HDR has also taken YouTube gaming to a new level. The Livestream of HDR gaming on YouTube is more interesting.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.