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Do Sony or Samsung still make a Dumb TV?

Do Sony or Samsung still make a Dumb TV?

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The time has come, and you are ready to purchase a new TV. You immerse yourself into the home theater community and see that a large majority of television manufacturers only make Smart TVs nowadays.

Now, you don’t need a Smart TV or maybe you simply don’t want a Smart TV. This is still a common occurrence and many homes still have Dumb TVs or run their Smart TVs in a Dumb way (not syncing their Wi-Fi to the TV).

Your mind is made up and now you have to figure out which manufacturers still make a quality Dumb TV.

In your home there has always been either a Sony or a Samsung television, so this is the perfect place to start.

In this article we are going to talk about who still makes Dumb TVs, checking in with Sony and Samsung and also some lesser-known brands that might be able to fit your requirements nicely.

Does Sony still make Dumb TVs?

Sony still make Dumb TVs

Sony has been releasing televisions since the 1960s and made their first appearance in the Smart TV game with their Bravia Internet TV in 2009.

Since then the technology in televisions has been advancing at lightning-like speeds, with competitors scrambling to keep up with one another.

While taking notice of the shift in technology and direction in which TVs were going, Sony decided to focus all their attention on being at the forefront of Smart TV technology.

After the release of the Bravia technology in 2009, Sony spent the last decade slowly phasing out their manufacturing of Dumb TVs and currently do not sell them.

The rapid speed of the industry made it difficult for Sony to justify staying in the Dumb TV market, and they have been working hard to get the prices of their Smart TVs down to a reasonable level, to try and make the purchasing of a TV without Smart capabilities nonsensical.

Does Samsung still make Dumb TVs?

Samsung still make Dumb TVs

Samsung on the other hand has begun to turn the ship in the Smart TV direction, but still makes a Dumb TV for those consumers out there that aren’t ready to make the switch.

They released a model in the middle of 2019 and while Samsung continues to make Dumb TVs for those who aren’t ready to jump on the bandwagon, they certainly aren’t excited about the soon-to-be outdated technology.

There is very little information about any Samsung Dumb TVs available online, with the home theater community also taking a very brash stance towards them.

You cannot purchase a Dumb Television online through Samsung, you have to go to a retailer and purchase one directly through the store.

Not to mention, any type of marketing money spent is not used on these TVs, you aren’t even able to look them up through the Samsung website.

Check here to buy a dumb Samsung TV.

Who else offers a reliable Dumb TV?

brands offer a reliable Dumb TV

As there are still many consumers out there that do not want a Smart TV, there are a number of companies that still make Dumb TVs.

In all honesty, there are still a great number of smaller companies that make Dumb TVs, but these tend to be cheap and of poor quality in every sense. 

If you are insistent on purchasing a Dumb TV, we highly suggest that you stick to more commonly known brands such as Sceptre or LG.

Spectre has tried to keep the Dumb TV market alive with numerous models and sizes to choose from, and unlike Samsung, they have the full spectrum of their Dumb TVs plastered in an easy-to-find area of their website.

LG doesn’t have quite the selection that Spectre does, but they are also actively selling them from their site. But you can be sure that they will also slowly be phasing Dumb TVs out of their arsenal as well.

The television industry today moves too quickly for a company to be hung up on technologies of times past.

Mitsubishi refused to give up on the DLP technology of their TVs and this later led to them having to shut down their entire television division, as the industry and its rapid technological advances simply passed them by.

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In Closing

There are still options for those out there looking for a Dumb TV, unfortunately, it won’t be a new Sony, and while Samsung does still make a television without Smart features, they try to make it easier for you to get one with them.

When you do buy a Dumb TV if you aren’t able to get your hands on a Samsung, stick to a reputable brand to the best of your ability.

Soon enough there will be a new technology that will emerge in the television industry and the same cycle will happen yet again, only next time it will be the Smart TVs on their way out.

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