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Do Pawn Shops Buy Broken TVs?

Do Pawn Shops Buy Broken TVs?

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Your TV is irreparably broken: its screen is cracked, it’s not turning on, and to make matters worse, you’ve lost the remote. 

You’d throw it in the trash, but you could really use the extra money. Is there a way to sell your broken TV? 

Do pawn shops buy broken TVs, and if so, how much can you get for them? What can you make the most money selling to a pawn shop? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Do Pawn Shops Buy Broken TVs?

No, pawn shops usually do not buy broken TVs. 

Pawn shops very rarely buy broken TVs, because they will be difficult to sell to other customers. 

Once TVs have stopped working they will be almost impossible to resell because very few customers will want to purchase a broken electronic. 

The only reason someone would buy a broken TV is to use it for parts, which is a process that pawn shops seldom facilitate. 

Every pawn shop will follow different regulations, and you may get lucky depending on who’s working behind the counter that day, but it’s unlikely you’ll leave any richer. 

Is a Broken TV Worth Anything?

Broken TVs are not worth very much. 

a TV with broken screen

Your broken TV may seem valuable to you, but pawn shops and other resellers will beg to differ. 

Some stores, like CeX, will buy your broken TV and use its internal components to fix other electronics. Even still, don’t expect to get back even a fraction of the price you originally paid for it. 

When figuring out how broken your TV is, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Is the TV’s bezel (the plastic frame around the screen) broken or bent? 
  • Is the screen cracked? 
  • Is it dead? 
  • Is the plug torn? 
  • Have the ports stopped working? 

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then the chances of selling your TV for a reasonable price are very low. 

The fact of the matter is that even if the shop wanted to resell your TV, they would have to invest countless hours and a decent amount of money into repairing it. 

In many cases, this would make repairing and reselling the TV more expensive than what the TV is worth. 

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a TV?

How much a pawn shop will give you for a TV depends on the size, brand, and condition. 

Pawn shops will offer you a price for your TV based on how big the TV is, the brand, and its condition. 

Big TVs are more expensive, so pawn shops will pay you more money for them, especially if they’re in good condition. 

Small TVs, on the other hand, will be worth less. 

The TV brand is also important since it will be easier to sell a high-quality Samsung TV rather than a cheap Hisense TV. Buyers will also pay more for recognizable brands since they’re more trustworthy.  

If the TV has any flaws, internally or externally, the price will be significantly reduced. Also, TVs sold with all of their accessories (remotes, cables, etc.) will be worth more. 

Smart TVs are also worth more since they’re more expensive and are in high demand. Just make sure to log out of your accounts before you hand it over to the pawn shop! 

Though every pawn shop will be different, you can expect to get between 50 to 200 dollars for your used TV. 

However, don’t be surprised if they offer you less or refuse to buy it at all, especially if your TV is in poor condition. 

Can You Pawn a TV With a Cracked Screen?

a TV with cracked screen

You can certainly try to pawn a TV with a cracked screen, but it’s very unlikely that they’ll buy it. 

Pawn shops are not the same as repair shops, and do not want to fix items before selling them. 

Once again, each pawn store will have different rules, but most will refuse to buy broken TVs. 

If they do agree to buy a broken TV, expect to get very little for it. 

Do Pawn Shops Take TVs Without Remotes?

Many pawn shops will take TVs without remotes, though this will decrease the TV’s value. 

It’s best to go to the pawn shop and ask them directly. Chances are if your TV is in good condition, they will buy it from you.  

We suggest clarifying that your TV can be used with a universal infrared remote if they’re not convinced. 

What Pays the Most at a Pawn Shop?

There are a few items that make the most money at pawn shops. 

Now that you know the best place for your broken TV is in the recycling, you need to find another way to make some quick cash. 

Let’s go over the most valuable items to sell at a pawn shop.


trading golden jewelry in a pawn shop

Jewelry, especially ones made of precious metals (e.g. gold, silver, titanium) and gems will make you the most money. 

It’s easy to resell and in high demand, so it’s a great option if you’re looking to pawn something. 


assortment of electric guitar in a pawn shop

Musical instruments are also very valuable since they’re quite expensive when new. 

Small instruments like guitars and violins are easier for the pawn shops to store and sell. 

They’re also easy to resell since many people go to pawn stores looking for high-quality instruments at a low price. 

Sports Equipment 

Special sports equipment, like skis, roller skates, or surfboards are great items to sell to a pawn shop.

They can be hard to find, so buyers will often go to pawn shops to find all their sporting equipment, especially for more niche sports. 


a variety of antique objects

It’s very popular to pawn antiques, and you’re likely to get a good amount of money for them depending on how old they are and their condition. 

You’ll even be surprised to learn that small ceramic trinkets can earn you a lot of money, depending on their brand. 

Designer Clothes and Accessories

a set of accessories in a pawn shop

Do you have a closet full of Gucci, Dior, and Valentino clothes and accessories, like bags, shoes, or scarves? 

If so, you’re in luck! 

These are high-ticket items for pawn stores, and you’ll likely get a good amount of money for them. 

Wrapping Things Up

Pawn shops can be a great place to score some extra cash. They’re easy to access and you can walk out with money in hand, no questions asked. 

However, if you’re trying to sell a broken TV you’ll likely be turned away. 

Remember, pawn shops buy things to resell them, and broken TVs are very difficult to resell. 

You may be able to sell a TV without its remote if it’s in good shape. Otherwise, look for a local shop that buys electronics for parts. 

What’s your experience selling broken TVs to pawn shops? Let us know in the comments below!

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