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Do HDMI Cables Have Male and Female Ends?

Do HDMI Cables Have Male and Female Ends?

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Yes, they do!

How else will you be able to plug anything anywhere?

Most HDMI cables are designed as male, but there are a few HDMI extension cords that have both male and female ends.

You must know if your cords are male or female as you may not be able to connect male-to-male ends or female-to-female ports.

There may also be cases when you will need converters for your micro HDMI ends to connect them to larger devices.

We know it sounds vague. 

But keep on reading and we’ll clear things out!

How do I Know Which End on MY HDMI Cord is Female and Which End is Male?

It’s not that difficult to spot a female connector from a male one. Both have very different features that are quite easy to spot. Let’s talk about them!

Male vs. Female Adapters

Male adapters have a “pin” sticking out that is used to plug into the port.

Check out this double-male end HDMI cord .


Click image for more info

Females, on the other hand, are the ports or “holes” where the “pin” is plugged in.

Here’s a female HDMI adapter for reference .

VCE HDMI Coupler HDMI Female to Female Connector

Click image for more info

Every HDMI cable connects the male plug to a female input or output. A great example would be plugging the male port into your phone’s charging port.

In the case of HDMI cords, male HDMI cords both have protruding ends that should be plugged into ports

While female HDMI cords have a port where the male “pins” are inserted in.

For a better understanding, take a look at this Amazon Basics A-Male to A-Female Adapter Cord .

Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Extension Cable

Click image for more info

All HDMI ports on devices such as a TV, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even speakers are designated as female.

Here are a few photos of female ports:

I Want to Connect My Phone to My TV but the “Male” Tips are the Wrong Size

Most small devices such as smartphones and tablets have tinier female HDMI ports. 

This means that you will need a cable with one male tip that matches the size of your device’s HDMI port, with another full-sized male tip on the other end to connect to your TV’s standard HDMI ports.

You can also buy converters with a mini or micro HDMI male tip and a full-sized female port on the other, which will allow you to use a standard HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

UGREEN Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter Male to Female

Click image for more info

This portion is a great transition to the different types of HDMI cables that have both male and female ends!

Types/Sizes of HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are created with their specific purposes. 

Different sizes connect different types of devices.

Let’s talk about them!

Type A

Type A HDMI cords have the standard type of cable ends that we use for video consumer products like satellite boxes, DVD players, and game consoles.

Check out Twozoh Type A HDMI 2.0 Braided Cable.

Twozoh 4K HDMI Cable 3.3FT, High-Speed 60HZ 18Gbps Braided HDMI to HDMI Cord Compatible with PS5, PS4, PC, Monitor, Projector, 4K UHD TV/HDTV, Xbox
  • High Speed: Twozoh NEWEST advanced technique high speed HDMI 2.0 cable, 4K UHD @60Hz, including...
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Type B

Type B cords were a dual-link version of the type A cables that we used to use for DVD-I videos.

We say “were” because this standard of HDMI cords is currently obsolete.

Believe it or not, we were able to find some type B tips on sale on Amazon despite it being obsolete. Check out Kework USB Type B.

Kework 0.3 Meter USB Type B 2.0 Mount Cable, USB B Male to Female Flush Panel Mount Extension Cord for Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Dashboard, Sync...
  • 【Interface】USB B Male to USB B Female. Sync Printing and Data Transferring.
  • 【Parameter】480Mbps data. 24/28AWG bare copper wire.
  • 【Hole Installation & Screw-free Fixing】You just need to drill a about 24.7*24.7*53mm hole(L*W*H)...

Last update on 2023-10-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

Type C

Type C cords are not as common as type A ones. We typically use these to connect or power up camcorders and tablets.

Check out UPGROW USB C Cable.

UPGROW USB C to HDMI Cable 4FT 4K@60Hz USB Type C to HDMI Cable for MacBook Pro MacBook Air iPad Pro iMac ChromeBook Pixel (UPGROWCMHM4)
  • 4K@60Hz Transmission: This USB-C to HDMI cable supports up to vivid 4K ultra HD media at 60Hz via...
  • Simple installation: This USB C to HDMI cable is no adapters or drivers required. One can easily use...
  • Wide Compatibility:This UBB-C to HDMI cable is compatible with USB-C port devices and HDMI-enabled...

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Type D

Type D cords are the ones you find and use on your smartphones or handheld devices. These are also referred to as “micro” HDMI cords.

Check out Elebase Micro HDMI Cable Type D Cord.

Elebase Micro HDMI Cable 10 FT,4K 60Hz Micro HDMI Type D Cord Compatible for Raspberry Pi 4 4b,GoPro Black Hero 7 6 5 4,Sony Camera A6000 A6300,Nikon...
  • Full-featured micro HDMI cable for connecting digital devices to an HDMI TV or display that with...
  • Comprehensive support for 4K resolutions at 60Hz, high definition audio, Ethernet, 3D, and Audio...
  • Well-built with high-quality copper conductor and triple-braided shielding to provide the ultimate...

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Type E

Type E is the automotive standard type that uses female ports to connect to a car’s cigarette lighter port.

Check out CY High-Speed HDMI 1.4 Type E.

Chenyang HDMI 1.4 Type E to HDMI Type A Video Audio Cable 1.5M Automotive Grade for Hyundai H1 Car
  • Automotive Grade Type E HDMI connector offers an enhanced experience for next generation...
  • A new type of Automotive HDMI cable, designed for connections within a vehicle and tested to perform...
  • ​ A new category of locking HDMI connector, known as the Type E connector, designed for securing

Last update on 2023-10-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

All of these HDMI types have their corresponding female ports to connect to. You’ll be able to find them on devices that have ports such as laptops, speakers, DVD players, projectors, mobile phones, tablets, and the like!

Because there are many different types of HDMI ends, you will have to be a bit more careful when it comes to buying HDMI cords.

But don’t worry, we’re going to give you a few tips!

Tips for Buying HDMI Cords:

helpful tips word on a blackboard

It’s not that hard to buy HDMI cords, but that’s exactly why people make a lot of mistakes when they’re making a purchase.

Sure, HDMI cords can be cheap, but we’re living in uncertain times. We’ve got to save money somehow!

So we’re here to give a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always buy the right cable length. An HDMI cable that is too short or too long will make it difficult for you to move components around.
  • Always compare prices. You don’t have to spend $100 on an HDMI cord that’s under 2- feet long. Plus, not all expensive HDMI is made with quality materials. 
  • Read the reviews. Just like how you compare prices, you also have to read the reviews so you know if you’re getting a good deal or not. The high price range doesn’t always mean quality!
  • Buy cables that can support the capabilities of your devices. Meaning, if you have a TV that’s 144Hz, 4K, or higher, your HDMI cable HAS to be premium-grade high-speed/ultra-high-speed.


Where can I buy male and female HDMI cables?

It’s pretty easy to find the right HDMI cords. Just drop by your local Walmart or electronics store. 

If you don’t want to leave your home, you can also opt to shop on Amazon!

Are there HDMI cables with both male and female ends?

Yes. Many HDMI cords have a female end and a male end.

But most cords we get with our devices have two male ends.

If I only have a male HDMI cord and my port is female, should I use an adapter?

If you don’t have a different cord that can connect your female port to the male port, then yes, you may need to purchase an adaptor.

Are HDMI cables expensive?

The prices of HDMI cables will depend on the make and length you choose to buy.

Shorter cords under 20 feet that are made with the usual rubber cords are considerably cheaper than the cords that are longer than 20 feet, have braided cables, and are categorized as “high-speed” or “ultra-high-speed”.


Yes, HDMI cables have male and female ends.

No, not one HDMI tip “gender” is better than the other. 

You need both male and female HDMI ends to power up your device, transfer files, or stream movies, etc.

Whichever “gender” you end up buying will depend on your needs.

We hope we were able to clear out some confusion regarding HDMI “genders” and what they’re for. 

Feel free to re-read the tips we gave out as many times as you need to. Good luck!

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