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Do Curved TV Screens Break Easily?

Do Curved TV Screens Break Easily?

Curved TV screens look amazing.

They bring a different, immersive experience to watching movies and shows at home, but they do come with a hefty price tag.

It only makes sense to question their cost-efficiency in the first place. What if they break a month into using them?

Luckily, curved TV screens don’t break easily.

Their structure and design may be distinct, but they’re just as sturdy as their flat counterparts. As long as you conduct proper maintenance and care, the TV will last for a long time.

Just like with any other appliance, a curved TV screen’s lifespan depends on your usage.

Can Curved TV Screens Be Repaired?

a broken curved TV screen

Say you do break your TV screen. Can a curved TV screen be repaired, then?

No, a cracked TV screen is best replaced by another TV instead of attempting a repair. Cracks will only spread and become worse over time. Even if you do find a place that offers repairs, the cost will be higher than simply replacing the TV.

What Could Break A Curved TV Screen?

Your TV could be damaged by the following practices:

Cleaning by Spritizing and Wiping with Paper Towels

Not only will you potentially damage the screen with the chemicals in your trusty household cleaner, but you’ll also cause scratches with abrasive wiping. The probability of this rises when your TV is turned on.

I understand the need for a smudge-free, clean TV screen, so I advise you to turn your TV off before doing any cleaning. Clean with a dry, soft cloth. Only clean with a slightly dampened cloth if needed.

Awkward Wall Placement

a curved tv is mounted on the wall

Awkward wall placement for flat TVs is already dangerous for their screens. It’s riskier for curved TVs. A good view of the screen is something you want to guarantee for everyone.

At the same time, you should check that your TV isn’t too high, too low, or in between two, narrow walls. You don’t want anything bumping into the TV regularly to risk cracks and scratches.

If you’re mounting the TV, do so carefully. If you’re not mounting it, make sure you place it on a sturdy TV stand. You don’t want it suddenly tipping over!

Laying the TV Flat

Keep your TV upright as much as possible! If you’re ever moving your appliances around, don’t lay your television flat on the floor. Doing so risks damaging the edges of your TV and cracking the screen.

What Are Other Disadvantages of a Curved TV?

Aside from the tendency to irreparably break, there are other disadvantages you might want to take into account. This isn’t to discourage you from getting a curved TV screen, but to keep you informed about possible pitfalls and future concerns!


a man counting money

a man counting money

A curved TV  is much more expensive compared to flat TV screens . Just the structure is enough for manufacturing costs to go up. You also have to factor in your preferred TV resolution and sharpness, which can lead you to spend more.

Tendency to Distort Images

Curved TVs tend to display distorted images. Sometimes, the picture shown on the edges and in the middle of the screen appears to be different sizes This may come as an aesthetic and viewing concern for you.

Difficult to Place and Mount

mount a TV

Most curved TVs are larger than their flat screen counterparts. As a result, ample space is required. They don’t hang flat against the wall and may need customized, curved mounts. Mounting – and viewing – can be a challenge.

You can’t exactly just place a curved TV on a stand, either. If you don’t have the space necessary, it may be hard to cram a curved TV into your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Curved TV?

Now that we’ve covered some disadvantages, it’s only fair to cover curved TVs’ benefits, too. Despite the concerns stated above, a curved TV can also provide the following:

A Unique Experience

a girl has great experience watching TV

A curved TV provides a more immersive watching experience. The edges are curved, giving you an extensive, panoramic view of the screen.

Watching sports, playing games, and indulging in movie nights are perfect for a curved TV screen. If you’re looking to enhance those experiences, a curved TV screen may be for you.

Clearer Images

curved TV screen shows a lot of dogs walking on snow

A curved TV screen has sharper images. Due to its structure, the light is directed to the middle of the TV. This reduces the amount of glare and reflection that you may face. Additionally, more contrast, sharpness, and dimension are provided by the curved edges.

As a result, you watch richer and sharper images in comparison to a flat-screen TV. The viewing experience is an important factor for anyone buying a television, so this is a huge advantage to have if you’re thinking of getting a curved TV screen.

Better Viewing Angles

man in sofa watches curved TV at a different angle

Due to its structure, a curved TV screen allows you to view images better. The panoramic design makes sure everyone in your room can have a uniform experience watching from whatever angle.

If you have watch parties with your family and friends, a curved TV can make that experience better.

Unique Aesthetics

Are you the type to make sure the aesthetics of your home are always interesting? If so, a curved TV screen may be right for you. It definitely becomes the star of your living room in comparison to a flat-screen.


A curved TV won’t easily break.

It’s just as sturdy as a regular, flat-screen TV. If it does break, it will most likely be due to general wear and tear or user negligence. Make sure you take care of your curved TV screen properly to extend its lifespan!

If you want to save money, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance and avoid practices that could cause the screen to break.

A broken screen, unfortunately, is irreparable for curved TV screens. The only solution to a cracked screen is replacing the whole unit, and that’s costly for anyone involved.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Let us know if you have any questions. 



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