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How To Connect a Fire Stick to a Bluetooth Headphone/Speaker?

How To Connect a Fire Stick to a Bluetooth Headphone/Speaker?

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Fire TV Sticks are amazing. They can make even the oldest TVs smart as long as they have an HDMI port. Their interface is intuitive to use and easy to navigate, and it has all the apps you could possibly want.

Fire Sticks are smart devices, but are they smart enough to connect to other smart devices, like Bluetooth headphones?

If so, which Fire Stick versions support Bluetooth and how can you connect them to a Bluetooth device?

Keep reading to find out!

Can You Connect Your Fire Stick to Bluetooth Devices?

Amazon Fire Stick remote in hand in front of the TV

Yes, you can connect your Fire Stick to Bluetooth devices.

You can pair almost any Bluetooth device to your Fire Stick! It’s easy to connect a pair of headphones, a wireless video game controller, or a keyboard as long as it supports Bluetooth.

This makes Fire Sticks a great option for those who want to wirelessly connect devices to their old TV and aren’t ready to purchase a fancy, new smart TV.

Fire Stick Versions That Support Bluetooth

Fire Stick Remote

All of the new Fire TV Stick versions support Bluetooth.

If you got your Fire Stick in the past few years, it most likely supports Bluetooth.

In fact, all older Fire Stick versions that did not support Bluetooth have since been discontinued. This means that any Fire Stick you buy today will definitely be able to wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth devices.

These Bluetooth-compatible Fire Stick versions include:

If you’re unsure of which Fire Stick you have, you can look up its model name on Amazon and scroll down to its Technical Details. There, you will be able to see whether or not it supports Bluetooth.

How To Connect a Fire Stick to a Bluetooth Device (Headphone/Speaker)?

Follow the steps below to pair your Fire Stick and Bluetooth device.

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a compatible Fire Stick couldn’t be easier!

All you will need is a compatible Fire Stick and a Bluetooth device (e.g. headphones, speaker, keyboard, etc).

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Enable your Fire Stick’s Bluetooth Settings

First, you’ll need to navigate to your Fire Stick’s Bluetooth Settings to make it discoverable to Bluetooth devices.

Go to your Fire Stick’s Settings, found in the menu bar on your Home Screen. Then, click on Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.

Step 1. Choose Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

Now, scroll and select Other Bluetooth Devices.

Step 2. Scroll and select Other Bluetooth Devices

Then, click on Add Bluetooth Devices.

Step 3. Click on Add Bluetooth Devices

Step 2: Put Your Bluetooth Device in Pairing Mode

While your Fire Stick is searching for Bluetooth devices to connect to, enable your Bluetooth device’s pairing mode.

Depending on your Bluetooth device, it may do this automatically. Otherwise, you may need to press its pairing button (sometimes marked by the Bluetooth symbol).

To learn how to enable your specific device’s pairing mode, consult its manual.

Tip: Bluetooth device’s LED indicator lights often begin to flash once pairing mode has been activated.

Step 4. Put Your Bluetooth Device in Pairing Mode

Step 3: Connect Your Fire Stick to Your Bluetooth Device

Once your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode, see if its name pops up on-screen. This may take a few seconds.

When you see it on-screen, use your remote to select it. Your Fire Stick will notify you once it’s successfully paired to your device.

Step 4: Check That Everything is Working Correctly

If you’ve connected Bluetooth headphones to your Fire Stick, try playing something to check that the audio comes out of your headphones.

For Bluetooth keyboards, try typing something into your Fire Stick’s search bar.

Once you’ve confirmed everything is working as it should, you’re ready to start listening to or controlling your Fire TV completely wirelessly!

If you’re a visual learner, watch the short video below showing you how to connect any Bluetooth device to a Fire Stick.

Using Bluetooth headphones with a Fire Stick!

Why Won’t My Fire Stick Connect to a Bluetooth Device?

There may be a few reasons your Fire Stick isn’t connecting to a Bluetooth device.

If you’re having trouble connecting your Bluetooth device to your Fire TV, have no fear!

Follow our tips to get your Bluetooth setup working in no time.

Your Bluetooth Device is not in Pairing Mode

bluetooth heaphone is not in pairing mode

It’s possible that your Bluetooth device isn’t in pairing mode, so your Fire Stick can’t locate and connect to it.

Some Bluetooth devices will automatically turn off pairing mode if they’ve been “searching” for other devices to connect to for a long period.

If your device is finicky, you may need to try putting it in pairing mode one more time.

Your device may also need to be charged, so plug it into a power source and let it fully charge before trying to connect it to your Fire Stick again.

You may also want to try to connect your Bluetooth headphones to another device to ensure they’re not faulty.

Your Fire Stick Needs to Be Soft Reset

You may need to restart your Fire Stick, rebooting its software.

Don’t worry. This won’t erase any of your Fire Stick’s data. Instead, it will simply restart all of its applications.

To do this, use your remote to navigate to your Fire Stick’s Settings. Then, scroll and select My Fire TV.

Now, click on Restart, then click Restart once more in the pop-up window.

Allow your Fire Stick to restart, making sure not to unplug it. This should only take a couple of seconds.

Then, try to reconnect your Bluetooth device to it following the same steps as before.

Watch the video below demonstrating how to soft reset your Fire Stick.

How to Soft Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick Max?

Your Fire Stick is Streaming Audio to Other Devices

While it is possible for Fire Sticks to connect to multiple devices, they can only stream audio to one device at a time. The only exception would be if you’re using a Bluetooth transmitter, like the one below.

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However, if you’re not using a Bluetooth transmitter, you will need to go to your Fire Stick’s Bluetooth settings and ensure that your headphones/speakers have been selected.

You may also need to disconnect from other devices.

If you’re interested in using a Bluetooth transmitter to stream your Fire Stick’s audio to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, watch the video demonstrating the steps below.


Your Headphones/Speakers are Connected to Another Device

If your Bluetooth headphones are anything like mine, they automatically connect to my phone as soon as I turn them on. So, check that your headphones aren’t connected to any of your other Bluetooth-supported devices.

If they are, turn off that device’s Bluetooth to disconnect them before trying to connect them to your Fire Stick.

Your Fire Stick Must Be Hard Reset

TV Fire Stick Remote

Your Fire Stick may need to be hard reset, which will return it to its out-of-the-box settings. This may help to fix any connectivity issues as well as any buffering problems.

Go to the Settings, then click on My Fire TV.

Next, scroll to the bottom and select Reset to Factory Defaults.

In the pop-up window, click Reset to begin the factory reset process.

Do not unplug your device while it is factory resetting. Once the factory reset process is complete, connect your remote to your Fire Stick following the prompts on-screen and set up your device.

You will need to re-download any apps you had before.

Now, go to your Fire Stick’s Bluetooth settings and try to connect your Bluetooth device to it.

See the video below demonstrating how to factory reset your Fire Stick following the steps above and how to set it up from scratch.

How to Factory Reset Firestick and make it RUN LIKE NEW (Easy Method)

Wrapping Things Up

Unlike select Roku remotes, Fire Stick remotes do not have headphone jacks. So, the only option is to connect them wirelessly using Bluetooth.

If your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode and your Fire Stick isn’t already streaming audio to other headphones/speakers, this process should only take a few minutes.

You can also follow these same steps to connect your Fire Stick to any other compatible Bluetooth device, like a keyboard or video game controller.

What’s your experience connecting a Fire Stick to a Bluetooth device? Let us know in the comments below!

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