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Is it Illegal to Shine a Laser Pointer at Someone?

Many people love laser pointers and they’re used for so many different things. You might own a laser pointer for the purpose of playing with your cat. Some people use laser pointers to help them with presentations at the office. Even if you don’t use one of these laser pointers all the time, you’re definitely […]

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  • Updated October 26, 2019

Best Laser Pointer for Cats as Safe Toys (Updated for Dogs)

Laser pointers are one of the most useful and versatile tools you could ever own. It has a range of power and colors that can help you complete daily tasks and even advanced activities like stargazing. Another popular use for a laser pointer is as a toy for cats and dogs. They are known to […]

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  • Updated October 14, 2019

How to Make a Burning Laser from a Regular Laser?

Most of us will understand the concept of lasers used for laser pointers, or even those Star Wars lightsabers that we all love to play with. However, if you do not have the budget to buy a burning laser outright, how do you go about making one from a regular laser pointer? Quick Navigation The […]

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  • Updated November 10, 2019

Best Astronomy Laser Pointer – Why Green is Our Top Pick!

Laser pointers are essential if you want to foray into the world of astronomy. Choosing a right laser pointer, it can make stargazing and star-pointing a breeze. As you may know, green lasers are the brightest laser in the market, making them brilliant for an astronomy-related activity, especially in the dead of night. Not sure which […]

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  • Updated November 29, 2019

Where is PowerPoint on my computer?

First, check if your computer has the Microsoft Office suite pre-installed. If you have Microsoft Office, it is likely that PowerPoint was included as one of the programs. Quick Navigation Introduction to PowerPointWhere is my PowerPoint?To check if your PC has PowerPointTo check if your Mac has PowerPointHow do I find PowerPoint on Windows 10? How […]

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  • Updated October 26, 2019

Top Digital Laser Pointers for LED TV – Computer LCD Screens

If you have ever tried to get your presentation pointer to work on a smart television (TV) set or LCD screen, you would understand the frustration of many other users. While laser pointers are good for giving a presentation at work or school, finding one that could work with the latest smart LED TV would […]

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  • Updated December 9, 2019

Can you save Google Slides to a flash drive?

A flash drive is one of those inventions that you will be thankful for. Also known as a USB memory stick, a thumb drive or a pen drive, this little device stores important information securely and allows you to carry large amounts of data around. Quick Navigation Why You Should Save Google Slides to a […]

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  • Updated August 16, 2019

KNORVAY N76RBK Wireless Presenter Review

Today we are here to review the KNORVAY N76RBK Wireless Presenter Clicker, which is a very user friendly and simple to use wireless remote that you can connect to your computer in order to control presentations from afar. It has a high level of functionality and is still quite affordable too. Let’s take a closer look at it right now.

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  • Updated September 24, 2019

How to Make Slides Transition Automatically in Google Slides?

Presentation programs have come a long way since their invention in 1981. In the early days, these programs used slide projectors to show presentation slides. Later in the 1990s, LCD screens became commonplace. Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation program became a standard feature in all new computers, including Mac and PC (Windows). Quick Navigation How to Make […]

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  • Updated August 17, 2019

How does a Laser Pointer Work?

Ever wondered how does a laser pointer work? Albeit its compact size, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes to produce the tiny laser beam from your pointer. If you’re curious about what goes on inside your trusty pocket laser pointer, or just lasers in general, keep on reading! Quick Navigation […]

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  • Updated November 30, 2019