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Can You Use Windex To Clean Projector Lens?

Can You Use Windex To Clean Projector Lens?

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Buying a projector for the first time is exciting. It opens you to an entirely new viewing experience. Plus, it gives you something to brag about to your friends. 

Unfortunately, owning a projector isn’t all fun and games. 

Projectors are sensitive audio/video (A/V) equipment. They need frequent upkeep and care to ensure they last long. 

While regular cleaning can help preserve projector parts and components, there are right and wrong ways to do so. 

Many people mistake using everyday cleaning products for cleaning their projectors. Such solutions can be dangerous since these products are known to contain chemicals that could potentially damage A/V equipment. 

If you’re wondering if you can use Windex to clean projector lenses, we’re here to tell you can’t. 

We’ll go straight to the point and answer why you can’t use Windex, then list down several ways on how you properly clean your projector lens. 

Can You Use Windex to Clean Your Projector Lens?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not safe to clean your projector lens with Windex. Using any type of window cleaner to clean your projector lens is highly discouraged. 

avoid to use window cleaner

Window cleaners contain ingredients that can strip away the anti-reflective coating from your projector lens. Ultimately, it can affect the quality of the images that your projector can produce.

What Should You Use to Clean Your Projector Lens? 

The best materials to clean your projector lens are non-toxic and harmless. They’re designed specifically to clean lenses and help improve longevity. The following are examples of the best cleaning materials you can use on your projector lens: 

Compressed Air

Falcon Electronics Duster

You can buy a can of compressed air for cheap on Amazon. You can spray this on your projector lens to blow away dust and other debris. The Falcon Electronics Duster  is a great product to consider. It’s 100% ozone-efficient, plus it releases a powerful gust of air that effectively cleans projector lenses and other surfaces. 

Manual Lens Blower

manual lens blower

If compressed air dusters aren’t your thing, you can also use a manual blower like the JJC Blower Blaster  to get the job done. It’s relatively cheaper than the compressed air duster. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of air. 

However, since it’s a manual blower, it can be tiring to squeeze repeatedly. Consider that before buying the equipment. 

Photographic Lens Brush

photographic lens brush

For stubborn stains and dirt, a photographic lens brush  can help. These brushes are designed specifically to clean lenses. They can dislodge sticky stains and hardened dust from projector lenses. Once that’s done, you can use lens wipes to remove the dirt permanently. 

Single-Use Lens Wipes

Zeiss Lens Wipes, White, 220 Count

Click the image for more info

Lens wipes are possibly the most accessible lens cleaning material you can find. These wipes are specifically designed to clean sensitive lenses, unlike Windex wipes designed to clean and disinfect less-vulnerable glass surfaces. 

A great product to consider is the Zeiss lens wipes . They come in boxes containing 220 wipes, individually wrapped in foil. They’re only slightly more expensive than a can of compressed air. However, we find their value is worth the extra costs.   

Lens Cleaner + Microfiber Cloth

Zeiss 2oz Spray and Microfiber Lens Care Kit

Click the image for more info

Two other great tools to keep your projector lenses clean are lens cleaners and microfiber cloths. Zeiss has a lens care kit  that comes complete with both materials. You spray a small amount of the lens cleaner on the microfiber cloth and wipe it on the projector lens surface. 

Note: The microfiber cloth should be damp but not soaking. Avoid rubbing too hard on the lens surface, as you might scratch or even crack it. 


1/ Can You Use Alcohol to Clean Your Projector Lens?

can't use rubbing alcohol to clean projector lens

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Rubbing alcohol can strip your projector of its reflective coating. Not just that, alcohol residue can also easily catch fire from the heat coming off the projector. 

So, no – you can’t use alcohol to clean your projector lens. Otherwise, you risk permanently damaging your lenses. 

2/ Can You Use Water to Clean Your Projector Lens?

use water to clean projector lens

Yes, you can use water to clean your projector lens. To do that, mix a bit of mild soap with a cup of water. 

Dip a small microfiber cloth into the mixture and carefully wipe your projector lens. After, wipe the lens with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Avoid using dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent to make your cleaning solution. Additionally, avoid using paper towels or tissues to wipe your projector lens. 

Both can damage your projector lens and ruin your viewing experience. 

3/ How Often Should You Clean Your Projector Lens?

You don’t need to clean your projector lens too often. Over-cleaning your projector lens can strip its reflective properties. The general rule of thumb is to clean it when you notice dust or smudges gathered on the lens surface. 

4/ How Can You Prevent Dirt From Getting Into Your Projector Lens?

projector lens cap  

The best way to prevent dirt from gathering on your projector lens is to use a lens cap. Most projectors come with a lens cap. This piece of plastic protects the lens from debris and dust. 

It also prevents you from accidentally smudging the lens with your grimy hands. 

There are other ways to protect your projector lens from accumulating dirt, which include: 

  • Placing your projector inside a shelf or cabinet.
  • Ensuring your projector is away from any fans or vents in the room.
  • Invest in a projector jacket to protect your projector while not in use.

Final Thoughts

Every person with a projector needs to know how to clean their lens correctly. Using harsh cleaners like Windex can permanently damage your equipment. As a result, you’ll have to replace your projector earlier than expected. 

The best cleaning products to use on your projector lens are specifically designed for the job, e.g., lens cleaners, lens brushes, and lens wipes. 

You can create your lens cleaning mixture using clean water and mild soap. However, it’s highly recommended to use a lens cleaner if possible. 

To prevent dust from gathering on your projector lens, you must use its lens cap. This plastic cover comes with many projector model on the market. If your projector doesn’t have one, you can buy one online from Amazon or Walmart at incredibly cheap rates. 

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