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Can You Use Clorox Wipes on TV Screens?

Can You Use Clorox Wipes on TV Screens?

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Your TV screen looks a little musty, and all the streaks, smudges, and dust covering the surface make it difficult to watch your favorite shows. 

Your first instinct is to bust out the disinfecting wipes, but your better judgment stops you. 

Is it ok to use Clorox wipes on a TV screen? How about Windex? If not, then what should you use to clean your TV screen? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Can You Use Disinfecting Wipes on a TV Screen?

No, you should not use disinfecting wipes to clean a TV screen. 

close up on disinfecting wipe

Your TV screen is coated with a delicate film that, if damaged, will cause your TV to have both matte and shiny areas, making the image difficult to see. 

Since disinfecting wipes have harsh chemicals meant to remove all the grime, germs, and bacteria, they will certainly destroy the screen’s film

In extreme cases, the film may even begin to peel off. Although you can fix this, it will likely be difficult and expensive to find a TV technician who can make the necessary repairs. 

Instead, use disinfectant wipes to clean your TV’s accessories, like its remote. 

Can You Use Clorox Wipes on TV Screens?

No, you should not use Clorox wipes on TV screens. 

Clorox wipes in white background

Although the official Clorox website will tell you that Clorox wipes are okay to use on your TVs, we strongly advise against it. 

Clorox wipes, like other disinfectant wipes, contain strong chemicals. Although they’re safe to use on glass, your TV screen is made of more than a layer of glass. 

The screen’s film, which is made of plastic, is not resistant to such chemicals. Consequently, regularly cleaning it with Clorox wipes will damage it. 

Can You Clean a TV Screen with Windex? 

No, you cannot clean a TV screen with Windex. 

Windex spray in blue background

Windex and a couple of paper towels may get the job done when cleaning your home’s windows or bathroom mirror, but they can severely damage your TV screen. 

This is because Windex contains ammonia, which can remove your TV’s delicate film. 

Additionally, spraying Windex directly onto your TV screen can cause liquid to seep into your TV’s hardware, triggering an electrical fire the next time you power on your TV. 

So, on cleaning day, skip your TV screen when using Windex on other surfaces in your home.  

Can I Clean My TV with Paper Towels?

No, you should not clean your TV with paper towels. 

paper towel rolls in a kitchen

You should avoid paper towels and other paper products derived from wood. 

Although paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues might be soft enough to wipe your nose with, they’re too abrasive to use on your TV screen. 

These papers are made up of countless miniature fibers, which can create microabrasions on your screen and damage it. 

What Wipes Are Safe for TV Screens?

Wipes specifically fabricated for screens are the only wipes safe to use on your TV screen. 

Wipes aren’t only composed of a thin piece of cotton, they are also made up of various chemicals and cleaning agents. 

So, it’s important to use gentle and ammonia-free wipes, like the Miracle Wipes for Electronics Cleaning 

MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning

Click image for more info

Always make sure the wipes’ packaging specifically says it’s safe to use on TV screens. 

What Is the Best Way To Clean a TV Screen?

Follow the steps below to properly clean your TV screen. 

Now that you know to absolutely never clean your TV with disinfectant or Clorox wipes, Windex, and paper towels, let’s go over how you can safely clean your TV screen. 

Follow our TV screen cleaning guide to keep your TV smudge and dust-free. 

Step 1: Turn Off Your TV 

Before you can begin cleaning your TV, it’s a good idea to turn it off and even unplug it. 

You may also want to give your set some time to cool off since TVs often generate heat while turned on. 

Step 2: Dust Off the Screen 

Take a soft microfiber cleaning cloth, like the MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth , and gently wipe any dust off your screen.

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Click image for more info

Wipe in one direction to avoid moving the dust around the screen, creating microabrasions. 

It’s also a good idea to use the same dry cloth to dust off the rest of your TV’s hardware and vents, especially if you find that your TV frequently overheats. 

Step 3: Clean the Screen with Distilled Water

Tap water may be fine for drinking and bathing, but its minerals can be too abrasive for your TV’s delicate screen. 

Although you can use screen wipes and sprays, they’re often overpriced and can be difficult to find. 

Therefore, we recommend you use distilled water to clean your TV screen. 

Distilled water is mineral-free and won’t create microabrasions on the screen. 

Put some distilled water into a spray bottle, like these Mandydov 8 Pack Mini Spray Bottles , and conservatively mist your microfiber cloth. Oversaturating your cloth could cause the water to seep into your TV’s screen and hardware, damaging it. 

8 Pack Clear Empty Mini Little Spray Bottles

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Gently wipe the screen using circular motions. 

Be careful not to press too hard, or you risk damaging your TV’s pixels and creating dead spots on-screen. 

Step 4: (Optional) Spot Clean the Screen 

If your screen has smudges, oil marks, or fingerprints, you may need to spot clean it. 

Add a small drop of dish soap to your spray bottle of distilled water. 

Spray the solution onto a microfiber cleaning cloth and clean the smudges using circular motions. 

Step 5: Buff the Screen Dry 

Now that your screen is squeaky clean, it’s time to buff it dry. 

Take a dry microfiber cloth and dry your screen with the same circular motions. 

Make sure it’s completely dry before plugging it back in and turning it back on. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to clean your TV screen following the steps above.

How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

Wrapping Things Up

Your TV is the focal point of your living room, so it’s important that it’s as clean as the rest of your house is. 

Whenever you notice your TV is looking a little dusty, follow our tips above to keep it clean without scratching the screen or removing the protective film. 

Remember, Clorox wipes are for wiping down your bathroom sink, not your TV screen! 

What’s your experience cleaning a TV screen? Has this article helped you understand how to correctly clean your TV screen? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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