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Can You Play a Nintendo Switch On a Projector?

Can You Play a Nintendo Switch On a Projector?

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The Nintendo Switch is the epitome of high-quality gaming on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack or coat pocket and allows you to game wherever, whenever. Your Nintendo Switch is the only gaming console you own, and while you enjoy playing games on its small screen, you’ve been wanting to go bigger.

Rather than invest in a PS5 or Xbox to connect to your projector, could you connect your Nintendo Switch instead?

The answer depends on which Nintendo Switch you have. The original Nintendo Switch and OLED versions can be connected to displays with their dock or USB-C port. However, the smaller and cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected to displays.

But, how can you connect a Nintendo Switch to a display? Can you cast a Nintendo Switch’s screen to a smart projector/TV?

Keep reading to find out!

About Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a compact, hand-held gaming console manufactured by Nintendo. Its small size and decent battery life make it perfect for playing games on your morning commute to work, long trips, or in bed.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con
  • 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode
  • 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
  • 4.5-9 plus Hours of Battery Life will vary depending on software usage conditions

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The original Nintendo Switch and all OLED versions come with a dock, which both charges the switch and allows it to be easily connected to displays via its HDMI port.

Nintendo Switch with an OLED dock

As the name suggests, the Nintendo Switch Lite is thinner and lighter than the original. It’s also more budget-friendly for any penny-pinching gamers. Consequently, it does not include some of the original design features, namely a dock. This means that it can not be connected to a display.

The Nintendo Switch Lite also doesn’t have removable joy-con controllers, meaning you cannot play multiplayer games with friends on one device.

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to a Projector (or TV)?

Let’s learn how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a projector or TV.

Nintendo Switches natively support HDMI connections. So, ensure your TV or projector has a working HDMI port.

With a Dock

nintendo with dock next to tv

Head to the official Nintendo Support website or follow the steps below to connect your Nintendo Switch to a display using its dock.

Step 1: Remove your Nintendo Switch’s joy-con controllers and place the screen into the lock, ensuring it’s connected to the USB-C cable inside. If you haven’t done so already, ensure your joy-con controllers are sufficiently charged.

Step 2: Open your dock’s latch to reveal its ports.

Step 3: Connect your dock to power, by plugging the provided AC adapter into its respective port and a working electrical outlet.

Step 4: Connect the dock to your projector or TV by plugging an HDMI cable into the dock and display’s HDMI ports. Now, you can close or reattach the latch.

Step 5: Change your projector or TV’s input source to HDMI.

Watch the video demonstrating how to connect a Nintendo Switch (OLED) to a display.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch OLED Dock To TV & Set Up!

Without a Dock

nintendo on a table

If you’ve lost or broken the dock, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to a projector or TV using a USB-C to HDMI adapter, like the REAKA USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub.

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Let’s learn how!

Step 1: Detach your Nintendo Switch’s joy-con controllers.

Step 2: Connect the USB-C end of the USB-C to HDMI adapter to your Nintendo Switch’s charging port.

Step 3: Plug the AC adapter into the USB-C to HDMI adapter’s USB-C port. Then, connect it to a wall outlet.

Step 4: Connect an HDMI cable to the USB-C to HDMI adapter and projector/TV’s HDMI port.

Step 5: Ensure your TV is powered on and adjust its input to HDMI 1, 2, 3, etc., depending on the HDMI port you’ve used.

Watch the video below demonstrating how to connect your Nintendo Switch to a display without a dock.

How To Play Your Nintendo Switch On TV Without The Dock

Can You Cast Nintendo Switch to a Smart Projector or a Smart TV?

No, you can not cast a Nintendo Switch screen.

While many other modern devices like smartphones, tablets, streaming sticks, etc., support casting, Nintendo Switches do not.

This means that you can only connect a Nintendo Switch to a projector or TV via a wired connection using an HDMI cable or adapter.

Some fans have speculated that the Switch’s lack of casting support could be due to an increased input lag since wireless connections boast higher input lags than wired ones.

Still, one thing’s for sure: if you don’t have the correct cables and a compatible projector/TV, you won’t be able to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games on the big screen.

About Other Game Consoles That Can Connect to a Projector

playing games on a projector

You know that some Nintendo Switches can be connected to projectors, but how about other popular gaming consoles?

Every gaming console with the built-in functions (HDMI, USB-C) necessary to be connected to a TV, can also be connected to a projector.

While projectors do have different hardware than televisions, the way they connect to input sources is virtually the same. So, if you can play your console on a TV, then you should have no problem playing it on a projector.

The following gaming consoles can all be connected to projectors via their HDMI ports or a compatible adapter.

  • Xbox Series X and S
  • PlayStation 3, 4, and 5
  • Nintendo Switch Original and Nintendo Switch OLED

Wrapping Things Up

Grab your snacks and invite your friends over, you’re about to have an epic gaming night playing your Nintendo Switch on your projector.

The Nintendo Switch Original and Nintendo Switch OLED can both be connected to projectors with their dock or a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

However, if you have a Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll have to settle for the device’s screen since it cannot connect to displays.

None of the Nintendo Switch models support casting, so for better or worse, wired connections are your only option.

Any other gaming console that supports TV connections can also be connected to a projector.

If you’ve connected your Nintendo Switch to a projector but are less than thrilled with its high input lag, check out our article How Do I Fix the Input Lag on My Projector for tips and tricks on making your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

What’s your experience playing a Nintendo Switch on a projector?

Let us know in the comments below!

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