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Can You Mount a TV Without Studs?

Can You Mount a TV Without Studs?

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You’re planning where to mount your TV in your new home and have finally found the perfect spot. 

It’s right in front of the couch and perfectly centered on the wall. You know it will look great there and tie the room together. 

There’s just one problem: you used a stud finder and have discovered there are no studs where the mount should be screwed into the wall. 

Should you mount your TV somewhere else? Should you ditch the mount altogether and set the TV on a stand instead? 

Don’t let your home’s studs control your interior design plans! 

Can you mount a TV without studs? If so, how? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Can You Mount a TV Without Studs?

Yes, you can mount a TV without studs. 

a black TV mounted on the wall

You can absolutely mount a TV without studs! 

You will have to follow a slightly different process than mounting a TV with studs, but it’s completely possible. 

Before you mount a TV without studs, check your wall for water damage, tears, or large holes. These imperfections make your wall unstable and less durable, increasing the risk of your TV falling off or crashing through your drywall.

Once you’ve confirmed that your wall is in good condition, you’re ready to get mounting.  

How To Mount a TV Without Studs? 

You can mount a TV without studs using zip toggles or drywall anchors. 

You can mount a TV without studs in two ways: using zip toggle anchors or drywall anchors. 

Both options are affordable and readily available online or at your local hardware store. 

We’ll go over what materials you’ll need and the steps you should take to mount your TV without studs. 

Let’s get started!

Mount a TV Using Zip Toggle Anchors

Simpson Strong-Tie FT18250C10 3/16"-24 FlipToggle Anchor

Click image for more info

Materials Needed: 

Step 1: Measure Where You Want to Install Your TV Mount

You must measure exactly where you want to install your TV mount. 

Place the TV mount against the wall and move it around until you find your preferred placement. 

a man in glasses measuring TV mount on the wall

Note that some TV mounts are not perfectly centered on the TV. To make sure your TV isn’t off-center, we recommend making a paper cutout of your TV and marking where your mount attaches to the bracket. 

Hold the cut out against the wall and use it as a guide when measuring where to install your mount. 

Make sure your mount is leveled using a leveler tool. 

Once you’re pleased with where your mount is placed, use a pencil to mark where you’ll place your bolts. Try to space them out evenly. 

We recommend placing four bolts in total, two on the bottom and two on the top. 

Step 2: Drill Holes For the Zip Toggle Anchors

Now that you know where to place your bolts, you can drill the holes for the zip toggle anchors using a power drill. 

Drywall is usually a half-inch thick, so we recommend using a ½ drill bit. You want to ensure you’ve drilled completely through the drywall so that the zip toggle anchors can lay flat against the other side. 

Step 3: Install the Zip Toggle Anchors 

Insert the zip toggle into the drill hole, making sure it’s straight. 

Slide the plastic tab down until it’s flat against the wall. Make sure it’s tight to ensure the TV will be firmly bolted to the wall. 

Snap off the excess plastic stem by bending it upward and downward.  

Repeat until you’ve installed a zip toggle anchor in each drill hole. 

Step 4: Install Your TV Mount

Now that your drill holes are prepped, you’re ready to install the TV mount. 

Have a friend help you hold the mount against the wall and line it up to the drill holes. 

Insert the bolts (often found in your TV mounting kit) into the drill holes by hand.

Screw them in by hand, just enough to keep them in place. 

Now, use your power drill to screw them in all the way, ensuring they’re secure. 

screwing the bolts of TV mount with a power drill

Step 5: Attach the Bracket to the Back of Your TV

Screw the bracket to the back of your TV by first locating its TV mounting holes. 

Align the bracket to the TV mounting holes and screw it in place. If your bolts are too long, consider using a spacer or washers. 

Note: Although you can use several washers on one bolt, you should never use more than one spacer per bolt. 

Screw the bolts in by hand, then tighten them using a power drill and a socket wrench. 

screwing the bolts of TV bracket with a power drill

Step 6: Mount the TV to the Wall 

Attach the TV bracket to the TV mount. 

Some brackets slide onto the mount, while others will require the two pieces to be bolted together. 

Consult your mounting kit’s user manual for specific instructions on attaching the TV bracket to the mounting plate. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to mount a TV without studs using zip toggle anchors following the steps above. 

How to mount a tv on the wall WITHOUT STUD- 90lbs - Drywall TV Mount - NO STUD TV Mount-CONDOMOUNTS

Mount a TV Using Toggle Bolts

Materials Needed: 

Step 1: Measure 

hand holding a yellow measuring ruler on the white background

Before you begin drilling holes into your drywall, it’s a good idea to measure precisely where you want your TV to hang. 

We recommend using a pencil and paper cut out of your TV. 

Alternatively, you can measure the distance from the bottom and top of your TV to the bracket and place the TV using those measures. 

Set the bracket on the wall and use a leveler tool to ensure it’s straight. Mark where the screws will go using a pencil, and you’re ready to get drilling! 

Step 2: Drill the Drywall Anchors into the Wall

Drywall anchors are convenient because they can be drilled straight into your wall. 

Using the pencil marks as a guide, screw a drywall anchor where each screw will go. 

You can do this using a power drill, though many drywall anchor brands say you can also use a handheld screwdriver. 

Ensure the drywall anchor is securely placed and tight.

Step 3: Screw the TV Mount in Place

a man screwing the TV mount into the wall

Line up the TV mount’s mounting holes with drywall anchors. 

If you need a helping hand, have a friend hold the mount in place for you.  

Using a power drill or handheld screwdriver, fasten the mount to the wall by screwing it in place. 

Tip: If the screw is too small to hold the TV mount in place, slide a washer under the screw head before screwing it into the drywall anchor. 

Step 4: Install the TV Bracket 

Install the TV bracket onto the back of your TV using the provided bolts, a screwdriver, or a power drill. 

installing a TV bracket onto the back of TV using a screwdriver

Make sure the bolts are not too long, or you risk piercing the back of your TV when you screw them in. 

Many mounting kits come with a selection of bolts, so try screwing them in by hand to see which size works best for your TV and bracket. 

Feel free to use a spacer or washers to ensure the bracket is firmly attached to the TV. 

Step 5: Mount the TV 

You’re almost there! 

Mount the TV bracket to the mounting plate following the instructions found in your mounting kit’s manual. 

If you need to fasten them together using bolts, we suggest having a friend hold the TV in place while you align the connecting parts and bolt them together. 

Feel free to use a socket wrench to make sure all the bolts are sufficiently tight. 

Watch the video demonstrating how to mount a TV using drywall anchors following the steps above. 

How To Mount A TV To The Wall (with no studs) - Simple & Easy

Wrapping Things Up

No studs? No problem!

Mounting your TV without studs may require a few zip toggles or drywall anchors, but it’s easy and only takes about half an hour or so. 

Remember to check for water damage and carefully measure before drilling into your drywall. 

Always consult your mounting kit for any directions specific to your TV mount model. 

What’s your experience mounting a TV without studs? Has our article helped you mount a TV without studs? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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