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Can You Use Two HDMI Cables to Connect to a TV?

HDMI cables are the go-to way to connect your TV to a video source, and most of us have a few lying around in our houses.

However, sometimes you need a long HDMI cable for your setup – whether it’s to connect your TV to a device across the room, or to run wires up to a wall-mounted TV. 

But what do you do when you only have short HDMI cables and don’t want to buy a new, long one? Can you use two short HDMI cables to connect to a TV?

We have found that it is possible to use two HDMI cables  to connect to a TV  by connecting the two cables together with either a coupler or an extender. If a coupler is used , the signal will be degraded, although the quality should still look the same. If an extender is used , the quality should be maintained.

Can you use two HDMI cables to connect to a TV or monitor?

Yes, you can use two HDMI cables to connect to a TV or monitor!

However, you will need the help of a device that can connect the two HDMI cables. This can take the form of either a coupler or an extender.

A coupler consists of two female HDMI ports , a.k.a. a female-to-female adapter, that allows you to plug one HDMI cable on one side and another HDMI cable on the other side. 

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An extender also has two female HDMI ports  that can connect two HDMI cables. However, it’s different from the coupler because it increases the distance the signal can be transmitted with the same quality.

Once you have either of these two pieces of equipment, you can use it to connect two HDMI cables. The video data will be sent down the first cable,  transferred to the second cable through the coupler or extender, and finally to your TV or monitor.

Can you use three HDMI cables to connect to a TV or monitor?

If you have very short cables, or if you need an extremely long HDMI cable, you may be wondering if you can use the same technique to connect three HDMI cables.


Technically, you can connect three HDMI cables together with two couplers or two extenders, but we’ve found that it doesn’t always work. 

The reasons for three HDMI cables not working can include:

  • The quality of your HDMI cables
  • The length of your HDMI cables
  • How much your couplers degrade the signal strength (if you’re using couplers)
  • How much your extenders boost the signal strength (if you’re using extenders)

However, if you really can’t buy longer HDMI cables and you have enough couplers or extenders, you could try to see if it works with your equipment.

What happens if I use two HDMI cables to connect a computer to a TV or monitor?

Although you can technically use two HDMI cables to connect a computer to a TV or monitor using a coupler or extender, you may experience some degradation of the signal strength and signal quality. 

To understand why this happens, we have to go over the effects that HDMI cables, couplers, and extenders have on the signal.

First, we have HDMI cables, which can relay audio and video data from one device to another through its wires. 

However, these cables have a length limit. You may have noticed that there are rarely any HDMI cables over 25 feet long, and the longest HDMI cables ever get is 50 feet. 


The longer an HDMI cable is, the more it is affected by signal degradation – also known as latency. This is because it takes time and energy to send data through the cable, and the longer it is, the more time and energy is needed.

Next, we have couplers, which can connect two HDMI cables together. 

Although a coupler is a great way to create a long string of HDMI cables, it can also increase the amount of signal degradation by adding yet another element that the signal needs to travel through.

Since they degrade the signal and connect HDMI cables, these should be a last resort.

Finally, we have extenders, which can connect two HDMI cables and boost the signal.

Because extenders have a signal booster built-in, they help counteract signal degradation, making them better connectors than couplers. 

How do you use two HDMI cables to connect a computer to a TV or monitor?

HDMI Extender - 4K UHD 40m HDMI Repeater with Two 20m Low-Speed HDMI Cables

To use two HDMI cables to connect a computer to a TV or monitor, you’ll first need HDMI cables and connectors that are as high-quality as you can get. 

This is because, although using two cables and a connector does lead to signal degradation, you can try to prevent that degradation from becoming noticeable by using quality technology.

To use two HDMI cables to connect a computer to a TV or monitor, you can follow these simple steps: 

  • Find a high-quality HDMI coupler or extender.
  • Take two HDMI cables that you think have the best quality, or are the sturdiest.
  • Plug the first HDMI cable into your computer.
  • Plug the second HDMI cable into your TV or monitor.
  • Take your coupler or extender and use it to connect the two cables.

connect a computer to a TV using HDMI coupler

Now you’re ready to stream video!

If the video lags or glitches on your TV or monitor, that might mean one or both of your HDMI cables are bad. 

And if the video has low definition or artifacts, then you may want to get one single HDMI cable as long as it is of good quality and under 25 feet.


You can use two HDMI cables to connect to a TV or monitor, but you have to get a connector like an HDMI coupler or extender. You can also try using three HDMI cables in a row, but it doesn’t typically work. 

An HDMI coupler connects two HDMI cables, while an HDMI extender connects two HDMI cables and boosts the signal to prevent signal degradation.

If you use two HDMI cables to connect to a TV or monitor, you may experience signal degradation. But as long as you use good quality equipment, it shouldn’t be noticeable.

To make your setup, all you have to do is connect one HDMI cable to your computer, connect the other to your monitor, and connect the two cables together with a couple of extenders.

We hope this helped you connect to your TV!

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