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Can I Wear Reading Glasses To Watch TV?

Can I Wear Reading Glasses To Watch TV?

Watching TV is one of the best past-times for those who want to stay home and lounge around the whole day.

But not for people with weaker eyesight!

When you have weaker eyesight, not only do you face difficulty reading small words and restaurant menus, but you also have to strain and squint when watching movies at home. 

And if you’re watching foreign movies with subtitles in them? You might as well put your face directly in front of the TV.

But you’ve got reading glasses for work. Wouldn’t that be enough to make watching movies a lot easier? 

Not exactly. While you can use reading glasses to watch TV, we don’t encourage it.

Now you may be thinking, “What? Why? Aren’t all glasses the same? Reading glasses will help me see better, right?” 

Stick around to see why we advise against it!

What are Reading Glasses For?

a pair of reading glasses in a blur background

Before we proceed with the main points of this article, let’s talk about why people need it in the first place.

Believe it or not, using reading glass doesn’t mean you can’t see anything without them. Reading glasses gives just the right amount of assistance when focusing on small prints and nearby objects.

This condition is called presbyopia and affects over 2 billion people worldwide. 

As we get older, our eyesight gradually weakens. Eventually, we will need some help focusing on smaller objects and letters. While this condition is much more common among people in their 40s or older, it is not uncommon to see it among younger individuals.

Should I Wear Reading Glasses To Watch TV?

Technically, you can. But you shouldn’t.


Because reading glasses are not meant to be used for watching TV. Reading glasses were created to assist people who typically spend a significant amount of time concentrating on documents/materials up close. 

Human resources, drafters, authors, and freelance writers are a few examples of the perfect candidates for reading glasses.

Reading glasses are simply not the best types of glasses to use when watching television. 

If you start noticing that you are always struggling to see the characters on the TV screen, it may be a sign that you need prescription glasses instead.

a prescription for glasses

What Kind of Glasses Do I Need for Watching TV?

If you don’t have any issues with your eyesight, you can get away with a pair of blue light glasses. Finding them isn’t difficult. Actually, there are numerous online retailers where you can find a pretty decent pair.

But if you want a professional’s opinion, you can always meet with your primary eye doctor so they can help you find the right pair.

Will Wearing Reading Glasses Frequently Damage My Eyesight?

No, wearing your reading glasses all the time won’t damage your eyesight. With that said, wearing your reading glasses all the time won’t improve your eyesight either!

All it does is make it easier to read and focus on smaller material – such as novels – up close.

a man with glasses reading a book next to a bright window

Will Wearing Someone Else’s Reading Glasses Damage My Eyesight?

Remember when we used to put on our grandparents’ glasses? They would take them away and tell us that wearing their glasses would ruin our eyesight.

Yes, well, that’s not true. 

And neither is wearing someone else’s reading glasses! 

Reading glasses don’t usually have any prescription, so you won’t be experiencing any vision problems. 

But if the pair you’re using are prescription reading glasses, then you might feel some discomfort while using them. But they won’t necessarily damage your eyesight. 

Will Wearing OTC Reading Glasses Damage My Eyesight?

a variety of glasses sold at shopping mall

Have you ever wondered if those reading glasses sold in your local malls and department stores can damage your eyesight? 

Well, we’re here to assure you that no, it won’t cause any damage to your vision. 

Getting the wrong pair can result in discomforts such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness. But it won’t damage your eyesight.

Are There Reading Glasses with Prescription?

Yes. Although “normal” reading glasses don’t have or need a prescription, you can ask your ophthalmologist if they can provide you with prescription reading glasses.

What are the Main Differences Between Reading Glasses and Blue Light Glasses?

We kept mentioning that reading glasses are different from anti-blue light glasses. But what exactly do we mean? What are their main differences that we need to take note of?

Let’s talk about them:

Blue light glasses

a close-up view of blue light glasses on a laptop

Blue light glasses, also known as ‘Computer Glasses,’ are mainly used when you want to lessen the glare from your TV monitor or computer screen. Its protective coating also helps protect you from eye strain caused by blue light.

It magnifies the object of focus, in this case, the contents on the computer screen, which helps relieve muscle tension inside the eye, keeping muscles outside your eye from becoming overworked after staring at a screen for long hours.

Blue light glasses are perfect for reading documents on digital monitors such as PCs, TVs, and tablets up to 24 inches away from your eyes.

Reading glasses

Just like blue light glasses, reading glasses also have some magnifying power. It is designed to help people read smaller texts and numbers on paper.

Reading glasses don’t typically have a blue-light protective coating and are used when you have to read physical documents closer to your eyes – typically around 15 inches away.

a woman with glasses reading a book in a living room

What Glasses are Best for Watching TV?

So what type of glasses should you be wearing to watch TV? Our best suggestion is to invest in good-quality anti-UV or blue-light glasses. 

a blue light glasses with blur computer background

They are inexpensive, easy to find, and come in many styles that can match your own style. If you have trouble seeing from afar, you might want to ask your doctor for prescription blue-light glasses.

Yes, that’s a thing. The person writing this article right now has that exact same pair!


So can you wear your reading glasses to watch TV? Yes, you can. You should not, though, as these are not the appropriate glasses for watching TV.

If you’re worried about protecting your eyesight while you watch your favorite movies, you can opt to get a pair of anti-blue light glasses.

We also cleared out a few misconceptions about wearing reading glasses and all forms of glasses in general. 

You don’t have to worry about damaging your eyesight by:

  • Using someone else’s reading glasses
  • Wearing reading glasses every day
  • Wearing reading glasses with the wrong “grade” 
  • Wearing over-the-counter reading glasses

And there you have it! We can’t really tell you what to do. If your reading glasses are helping you enjoy movies and TV shows more, then go for it! 

We just want you to know that there are alternatives you can try out to help improve your movie experience.

Got more questions about glasses? Leave them in the box below, and we’ll write about them in our future articles. See you soon!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.