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Can Apple TV Use Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi?

Can Apple TV Use Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi?

Is your internet speed giving you trouble streaming your favorite TV shows and movies? Well, chances are you’ve probably thought about connecting an Ethernet cable to your Apple TV to boost your Wi-Fi speed. 

But can Apple TV use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi simultaneously? 

Today, we will cover Apple TV’s capabilities of using both connections at the same time. We will both connection’s differences and similarities. Lastly, we discuss whether using both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections can boost your internet speed or not. 

Read on to learn more!

Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet: Which Connection Is Better? 

A Man connects TV and smartphone with Wifi

There’s no denying that Wi-Fi has been the most convenient innovation in tech because of its wireless capabilities.

No longer do we have to deal with snaking wires on the office floors; we also have a lot more flexibility and range in terms of the devices we can connect to the internet. 

While there are certainly a ton of advantages to having a Wi-Fi connection, it still doesn’t make them the best option out there. 

Pluggin Ethernet cable into a TV

Wired Ethernet connections may be annoying at times; however, they are undeniably much faster compared to Wi-Fi connections. 

Additionally, it also produces much less latency compared to other connections. It’s the reason why most businesses and organizations prefer Ethernet to Wi-Fi.

All that aside, which connection is better?

When Does It Make Sense to Use Wi-Fi?

Connecting wifi to a TV

Because a Wi-Fi connection is generally more vulnerable to interference, it’s not the best connection to use when you’re performing high-bandwidth activities, e.g., playing games or attending conference calls. 

A Wi-Fi connection is perfectly sufficient for things like browsing social media, streaming movies or TV shows, and research work. However, it will all still depend on the size of data you’re handling. 

When Does It Make Sense to Use an Ethernet Connection?

Pluggin a blue Ethernet cable into a TV

Ethernet  connections are much stabler than Wi-Fi connections because they don’t have the same vulnerability to wireless signals.

This is why it would make much more sense to use an Ethernet connection when you’re playing games, streaming a movie in 4K, or attending an important conference call. 

Can You Use Ethernet and Wi-Fi Simultaneously on a Single Device?

Use Ethernet and Wi-Fi Simultaneously

Using a Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection simultaneously on a single device is possible; however, it may prove problematic in the end. This is because these two connections might end up canceling each other out, causing your internet speed to lag even further. 

Unless your Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi connection are coming from different routers, you’re out of luck. 

Will Connecting to Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi Improve Speed?

Using Ethernet and Wi-Fi Simultaneously

That depends on whether you’re connecting to a single router or two separate routers. It’s possible to boost internet speed by connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network from one router and to an Ethernet network on another router. 

Keep in mind that your computer can only receive a limited amount of data at one time. So, this may also affect the speed at which content is made available on your device. 

Can Apple TV Connect to Ethernet and Wi-Fi Simultaneously? 

2021 Apple TV HD (32GB, 5th Generation)

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Unfortunately, the Apple TV is not one of those devices that can connect to both an Ethernet and Wi-Fi network. 

You can do this using a laptop or desktop by reconfiguring the devices’ settings.

However, the Apple TV will automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi network as soon as it detects an Ethernet connection. 

Will Ethernet Be Better for Apple TV Than Wi-Fi?

Since an Ethernet cable would give you a much stabler internet connection, it is a great alternative if your Wi-Fi signals aren’t strong enough. 

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Will Using an Ethernet Connection Affect the Way My Apple TV Connects to My Other Devices?

After hooking up their Apple TV to an Ethernet network, the most common question users ask is, “Will this affect how my devices communicate with the Apple TV?” 

Well, the answer is: not at all!

Your other devices can continue transferring data and information over to your Apple TV using Wi-Fi.

The change of connection won’t make any difference. Users can continue to use AirPlay, Home Sharing, and other applications without issues.

Why Can’t My Apple TV Detect Ethernet? 

In some cases, the Apple TV doesn’t automatically disconnect itself from the Wi-Fi network after an Ethernet connection is established.

What you can do is restart your Apple TV. It should detect your Ethernet connection upon restart. 

Apple TV box, remote and speaker

Why Is My Internet Connection Still Slow After Connecting to Ethernet? 

There are instances when the internet connection to your Apple TV will remain slow, even after connecting it to an Ethernet network. In this case, it might be an issue with your internet provider or router. 

What you can do is troubleshoot your router, the instructions of which should be included in the user manual or could be written on the router label.

If the troubleshooting doesn’t work, it may be time to get in touch with your internet provider and schedule a technician visit to get to the bottom of the issue. 

How to Know if Apple TV Is Connected to Wi-Fi or an Ethernet Network?

The Apple TV doesn’t technically show you which connection it’s using on the Home Screen. Meaning, you have to check which connection it’s using in the Network Settings. 

To navigate to the network settings, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV. 

Step 2: Select “General” from the pop-up menu. 

Step 3: Scroll to “Network.”

You should be able to find your connection specification in this tab. 

Final Thoughts

Apple TV box and remote

Although using both a Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection might be the obvious solution to slow internet speeds, it isn’t always the case for most devices.

Unless you’re using two separate routers — which would be incredibly expensive, unless you’re a million-dollar business or organization — it would be completely useless to use this type of setup. 

The Apple TV can’t use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi simultaneously; however, it is possible to program it to accept both connections. 

Apple TV is configured to choose one connection at a time — so, once you connect an Ethernet cable and restart your Apple TV device, it should automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection and use the Ethernet network instead. 

If you’re having trouble figuring out what connection your Apple TV is using, you can find all the information you need on the “Settings” tab. 

We hope this article helped you find the answers you were looking for!

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