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Can Apple TV Be Hacked?

Can Apple TV Be Hacked?

Every day that passes, the world we live in gets more advanced. It seems like even the littlest of tasks can be easily addressed with some new technology. While that has made day-to-day life much more convenient and stress-free, it does come with its own set of risks. 

The majority of smart devices nowadays can be connected to a WiFi network. This level of connectivity makes it easier for users to update device software and install new applications as needed. However, it also allows hackers to hack into those said devices. 

Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices today. Since this set-top box also connects to your WiFi network, it’s only natural to wonder: Can Apple TV be hacked? 

In this article, we take a look at the possible vulnerabilities of the Apple TV. Read on to learn more!

Can Devices Be Hacked through WiFi?

A laptop connecting to wifi

The short answer: Yes. 

Hackers can easily break into your devices using your WiFi network. They do this using the Man In The Middle (MITM) attack, which allows them to secretly place themselves in between data transfers to eavesdrop and gather sensitive information. 

Can Apple TV Be Hacked through WiFi?

Apple TV charging

Generally speaking, all internet-capable devices can be hacked using a WiFi connection — that includes the Apple TV. The real question is, will hacking an Apple TV be worth the time? The most a hacker can get out of hacking an Apple TV is your Apple ID — but even then, they’d only be getting your email address. 

Passwords and payment methods are encrypted and stored on Apple servers, not on the Apple TV. 

Can Apple TV Get Malware and Other Viruses?

Apple TV on Mac and Iphone

Hackers often use malicious software (malware) to hack into devices and steal sensitive data.

Malware is often contracted over the internet by clicking links or opening emails containing said viruses. Considering that Apple TVs are connected to the internet via a WiFi signal, it’s normal for users to be concerned about malware. 

However, there’s no need to worry. It’s impossible for Apple TVs as Apple has made their devices incredibly secure for their clients. So, unless your Apple TV or other iOS devices have been jailbroken, you should be safe from any cybercriminal activity. 

Should I Jailbreak an Apple TV?

How to Restart an Apple TV

There’s a ton of controversy surrounding the very question if one should be jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad. However, jailbreaking an Apple TV is much less complicated. 

This is because jailbreaking an Apple TV doesn’t have the same risk of virus infections. 

The upsides of jailbreaking your Apple TV outweigh the downsides. (Not that we’re encouraging you to jailbreak your Apple TV.)

But first, what Is Jailbreaking?

Apple puts installation restrictions on their devices to protect their clients from suspicious applications. This is why iOS is much less likely to contract viruses and malware than Android devices. You don’t have to worry about hackers or other cybercriminals eavesdropping on your activity and stealing your information. 

Despite all the benefits of Apple’s app restrictions, some people prefer not to have these limitations. The solution they turn to is jailbreaking. 

Jailbreaking is essentially the act of giving someone root access to an iOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone. However, you can also do this to an Apple TV. This frees you from all the software restrictions developers intentionally placed on your Apple device. 

This will also allow you to install new apps and services that aren’t normally offered on the Apple App Store. While all that might seem great and all, many clients still wonder if it’s really good to jailbreak your Apple TV or other devices that way. 

Can All Apple TVs Be Jailbroken? 

Apple TV in the living room

Apple has released several generations of Apple TVs over the years, the latest being the Apple TV 4K (second generation). Depending on the model that you own, it’s possible to jailbreak your Apple TV. 

Apple TV (first generation) and Apple TV (second generation) are two of the oldest models of the Apple TV. They are also the only two models that you can jailbreak. Despite what you read online, the Apple TV (third generation ) can’t be jailbroken. 

The fourth generation of Apple TVs can also be jailbroken, and so can the latest 4K models. However, the process will look a little different. 

How-To: Jailbreak Apple TV 4 (9.0.x) for Free!

Is Jailbreaking Illegal? 

Yes, according to Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act jailbreaking is illegal.

However, to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology and interpretations of what’s lawful and what’s not for users/consumers, congress analyzes and alters the DMCA every three years. 

Will Jailbreaking Brick Your Apple TV?

Apple TVs cost several hundred dollars. The last thing you want is to do anything that could destroy it or — in other words — brick it. 

Bricking your Apple TV after jailbreaking is possible, but only if you do it the wrong way or use the wrong hardware. 

Apps and games on Apple TV

Is It Easy to Jailbreak an Apple TV?

Operating systems on the Apple TVs aren’t the same as the ones you find on iPhones and iPads. Thus, jailbreaking an Apple TV might be slightly more complex than jailbreaking a phone. Several models, like the Apple TV 4K second generation, will require you to perform extra steps to get the job done correctly. 

Otherwise, you risk permanently destroying your Apple TV.

Bottom Line

Apple TV box, remote and speaker

Apple TVs and other iOS products are generally more secure than most devices these days. This is what has made Apple such a successful company. 

However, with the world of technology and science constantly shifting these days, the possibility of getting hacked is ever-present. The safest bet you have to avoid getting hacked is to practice safe device usage.

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