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[Review] BrookStone Pocket Projector Pro

Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 lumens introduced on October 1, 2013, is a portable projector with various operations and features which is designed to project big-screen HD movies, videos, presentations and games.

Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro—200 Lumens

Who is This Product For?

This product works well for close-range projection business meetings, presentations. It also comes handy for playing video games and watching movies or sporting events.

You can set it up for your home theatre, and enjoy your movies without going to an actual cinema.

It is also suitable for schools and people struggling with small space. Its high technology short-throw is best for shorter distances and reduces obstruction from walking past the front of the projector.

Furthermore, if you require a projector that you can take on the go, this pocket projector comes in very handy.

Compared to its alternatives Brookstone Pocket Pro-200 lumens is quite expensive and requires extra purchase for satisfying usage.

Its cost may not be too effective but its usage is very seamless. It’s just about plugs and plays.

Also, navigating through the projector’s control is beginner-friendly and not technical.

If you consider using this projector in a well-lit room then you may need to change your choice.


What’s Included in the Box

This product comes with:

  • The projector has a dimension of 4.8″ x 4.75″ x1″h and weighs about 1.6 pounds.
  • Connectors such as 3” HDMI cable for transmitting high-quality audio signals from device to device.
  • Micro HDMI adapter, mini HDMI adapter for providing HDMI connection.
  • AC adapter for power supply.
  • 5 to 11 pin adapters for Android devices.

Unlike most projectors, this product does not come with a remote control, a carry case to protect it, an external battery for cordless convenience, and an apple digital AV adapter for your Apple devices.

Here is a 3rd party unboxing video of a pocket projector which will give you an insight on what to expect from a pocket projector.

Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro How To Video


Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 lumens is a portable projector that will definitely suffice for you at presentations and your viewing pleasure.

The specifications and features are:


The Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 lumens comes with a black, sleek design.

Measuring up to 4.8″l by 4.75″w by 1″h and weighing about 1.6 pounds, it is portable and therefore easy to carry around.

Likewise, its durability gives it a long-lasting service without unexpected maintenance.


It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery and requires an external battery (sold separately) for cordless convenience that lasts up to 2 hours on a single charge.


The brightness specification is important when selecting a projector.

This product is a 200 lumens projector which is best suitable for projection in dark to dimly lit settings and will probably give a washed-out image in ambient light.

the brightness of Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 Lumens


The product has a resolution of 1280 x 800 HD video output and accepts up to 1080p HD output.


It is a 1:2:1 short-throw technology that projects images of about 60 inches 6 ft from screen. It doesn’t need much space to project clearly and is ideal for small areas.

Imaging System

It has an advanced DLP technology aimed at giving a sharp clear image.

Customers who intend to use a projector for home, business or school applications will benefit from this DLP device.


a speaker

The Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 has two built-in speakers with volume control and adjustments. It also provides input for adding an optional speaker to enhance the sound.

This projector has a fan designed to cool the projector due to the LEDs generating heat. This fan creates noise that might be a bother. Luckily, it has an audio out and can be connected.

Hardware Interface

This includes the A.V port, USB, Micro HDMI, HDMI, and Mini HDMI which is used for reading, writing, transmitting, receiving data and so on.


  1. LED lamps project images up to 100” diagonally and a lifespan of 20,000 hours.
  2. Adjustable Focus Auto Keystone Correction for adjusting skewed images.
  3. Connects via HDMI cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers and more operating systems.
  4. External battery for cordless convenience. Lasts up to 2 hours on a single charge.

What We Like

  • This product is durable and has a long life.
  • Portable and easy to pack and carry around.
  • Its size and functionality are well designed.
  • Easy to use and navigate. It has no confusing menu or settings.
  • At a good distance, it throws a clear image.
  • Uses HDMI connection
  • Simple and reliable
  • Dual internal speaker
  • Automatic adjustment for skewed images.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is pricy
  • It doesn’t have a higher lumen for brightness.
  • It needs to be plugged. It is not a battery-operated device.
  • Still not as efficient in lit rooms or conditions. This product works best in dim or dark rooms.
  • Not a rich sharp HD picture unlike what you would get on an LCD or computer screen.
  • Does not come with a carry case to protect it
  • Noise produced from the internal cooling fan can be disturbing.

Customer’s Reviews

customer reviews

Bookstore Pocket Projector Micro has a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars which is above average and indicates that customers are fairly satisfied with the products.

Here is the summary of some reviews given by customers that could be helpful for you:

  • It is pricy
  • Gives a washed-out image in bright settings.
  • Doesn’t handle light images, words with fonts of lighter colors. Not being able to transmit colors.
  • Suitable for presentations and home entertainment.
  • Has a good distance.
  • Buttons and functionality are well designed.
  • Keystone has only one choice, head on, or at a +/-40-degree angle.

How to Tutorial

The product is pretty much easy to use, the buttons and ports are easy to navigate and it has no confusing menu or settings. All you have to do is plug and play.

This video gives a detailed tutorial on how to use this product:

Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro How To Video


If you are looking for a better option, in terms of value for money, battery capacity, brightness and specifications, then you can check out the ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector. You can click on the product to get more information.

ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector with Dual Harman Kardon Speakers HDMI USB Type C Auto Keystone Built-in Battery, Stream Netflix with Dongle
  • PORTABLE PROJECTOR: Ultra-portable WVGA (854x480p) LED projector that delivers convenient...
  • BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Shorter throw lens project up to 100-inches from 8-feet 9-inches
  • PREMIUM AUDIO: Built-in Dual Harman Kardon speakers deliver room-filling audio


Although this product is pricey, the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro-200 lens is durable, easy and simple to use with an overall good feature.

It is suitable for business presentations, business marketing, teaching and home entertainment.

So, you can decide if this product is for you or its recommended alternatives.


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