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Whether you’re the top executive of a listed company or a struggling student, appearances make a big difference in how people perceive you. There’s no denying that when it comes to class and style, Apple’s MacBook conveys an air of professionalism that would impress many.

In addition, when you have to go into a meeting with important movers-and-shakers, you would want to have reliable equipment that would not fail on you.

One of the items you would undoubtedly need is a presentation remote. However, MacBook users commonly encounter issues with their presentation pointers.

Common Problems with Presentation Remotes for MacBook Users

There are a few problems that you will likely face. The presentation remote could either not connect entirely, fail to work after a macOS update, or it may work but the buttons become wonky – in some cases, they do not trigger even when you press them repeatedly.

All these issues are usually due to software incompatibility. When that happens, your best bet is to either see if there is an update for the presentation remote’s software, or wait until Apple fixes the issue.

Key Features to Look Out for in a Presentation Remote for MacBook’s

Firstly, what is a presentation remote? As the name suggests, a presentation remote is a device that is used to control the flow of presentations. 

You may also have heard of the terms ‘presentation clickers’ or ‘presentation pointers’ before- they are essentially the same. A presentation remote is typically linked up to a computer in order to control the slides.


Obviously, if you are a MacBook user, the first thing to look out for is presentation remotes that are designed to work with MacBooks. Some presentation pointers are developed specifically to work with Apple devices, while others are compatible with both PC’s and MacBook’s, and in some cases, even smartphones and tablets.


Maybe you have to do long presentations regularly. You might also have the habit of pacing around the meeting room or lecture hall to make your presentation more engaging.

In such cases, it is ideal to pick a presentation remote that is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Consider the size and fit of each pointer. For example, if you have large hands, you would not want to hold a tiny remote with small buttons.

Ease of Use

Most modern remotes are easy to use. Make sure to pick one with buttons that are within easy reach and that is clearly labeled. Moreover, there should not be pairing difficulties with your MacBook.

Visibility of Pointer 

Oftentimes you would not be right in front of the screen with your projected slides. You might also want to add some flair to your presentation. This is where it is important to have a laser pointer included in your presentation remote’s functions.

Using a laser pointer, you can point to areas on your slides which you want to draw attention to. Make sure that the pointer’s beam is sufficiently bright and large, so that the audience will be able to see it clearly.

Transmission Range

Presentation remotes work by using either Bluetooth or wireless radio frequency (RF) technology. Both are different when it comes to optimal transmission distance.

For a Bluetooth-powered remote, it’s best to not be farther than 26-32 feet (8-10 meters) from your MacBook. On the other hand, a presentation remote that uses RF has a much longer effective range of about 50-100 feet (15-30 meters).

This means that if you need to present in a large hall and want to move around, you should look for a presentation remote that uses RF technology. Alternatively, just check the manufacturer’s published range for the model.

Recommended Presentation Remotes for MacBook Users

In this post, we have rounded up some of the top presentation remotes for MacBook users. Hopefully, this will lead you to the right one!

Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote

Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker with Dual Connectivity Bluetooth or USB for Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Wireless Presenter
  • The R500 is optimized to work with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and leading presentation software...
  • Move and present freely from as far as 20 meters (65 ft) away. Perfect for medium to large-size...
  • The R500 pairs with the powerful Logitech presentation app so you can customize button functions,...

Logitech is a popular and reliable brand when it comes to electronic devices. With the brand’s R500 Presentation Remote, you will get a device that works well with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

You will also be able to use it with many types of presentation software, including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF and Google Slides. To connect it to your computer, you can either use Bluetooth connectivity or a USB dongle.

Having only three simple buttons that are quite large, the Logitech R500 is of a comfortable fit and size for most people. It also comes with a red laser pointer, although it tends to be less visible when pointing at computer or TV screens. Some users commented that the red laser is not very bright when used in large lecture rooms.

The Logitech R500’s operating range is fairly good at 65 feet (20 meters), which is adequate for most settings. It also comes with an app where you could set a presentation timer and customize button functions, which we find very useful.

Battery power is via an included AAA battery , which could last up to 12 months. The R500’s app also has a battery life tracker, so you would know when it is time to replace the battery.

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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote - Advanced Digital Highlighting with Bluetooth, Universal Presenter Clicker, 30M Range and Quick Charging –...
  • Highlight and magnify on screen - go beyond traditional laser pointing. Use the advanced pointer...
  • Mouse-like cursor control - Use the on-screen cursor to play and pause videos, open links, and enjoy...
  • Smart time management - Spotlight reminds you when it's time to wrap up. The presentation remote...

The second option we recommend is another one from Logitech, the Spotlight Presentation Remote. As its name suggests, it features a highlighting and magnifying function. It also boasts a long transmission range of 100 feet (30.5m).

It is mainly designed to work with Windows and Mac computers, while software compatibility includes PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slides, and Prezi. Like the R500, you either use Bluetooth or the included USB dongle to connect to your computer.

In terms of fit, it is decent but does not conform to your grip as well as the R500. However, it’s still quite comfortable due to its rounded edges. Three big buttons are in easy reach. Overall, the remote has a sleek and classy look.

The Spotlight Presentation Remote has an on-screen pointer that can be used to highlight and magnify areas on your slides. However, the on-screen pointer is not that big and can be hard to see if you are not close to the screen.

Other drawbacks include its steep pricing, loud button clicks and the required installation of software. However, it more than makes up for its shortcomings by providing a smart time management function, and seamless performance on TV screens.

The built-in rechargeable battery is also certain to please some users. All you need is a USB charging cable, and you would be able to use the remote on-the-go.

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Kensington Wireless Presenter

Kensington Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer (K33374USB)
  • Provides forward and back control of PowerPoint and keynote with no drivers needed
  • Plug and play simplicity requires no setup
  • Internal storage for wireless USB receiver so it won’t get lost

Next up is the Kensington Wireless Presenter, an affordable option that works with Windows and Mac computers.

In terms of connectivity, you can only pair it with your devices using a USB dongle. The USB dongle can be safely stowed away inside the main unit, which is good for traveling.

This presenter has been complimented by many to be highly reliable and rarely gives issues. However, its red laser pointer is not very thick, which can be hard to see depending on the environment.

Unlike the two Logitech options above, the Kensington Wireless Presenter has four buttons that are intuitive enough to use but are on the smaller side. While not to the point of being uncomfortable to hold, the remote itself is on the chunky side. Having said that, the rubberized exterior helps a lot with grip.

Transmission range is up to 65 feet (20 meters), which appears to be the industry average these days. This is not sufficient for larger rooms, but should do well in most other settings.

2 AAA batteries  are used to power this model. Unfortunately, there is no indicator for low battery.

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There are plenty of Kensington Presenter models on the market. Looking for the best one? Here's our detailed round-up about Kensington Wireless Presenters.

Dinofire Presentation Laser Pointer

Dinofire Presentation Clicker Green Light Pointer USB Rechargeable Wireless Presenter PowerPoint Clicker Hyperlink Presentation Remote Control Slide...
  • 【GREEN LIGHT VS RED LIGHT 】Green light is not only six times powerful than red light, it’s...
  • 【PLUG & PLAY MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Powerpoint presentation clicker combines the functions of...
  • 【RECHARGEABLE】360mAh Lithium Battery, only requires 1 hour charging time, support using for...

The Dinofire Presentation Laser Pointer has an excellent transmission range of 98 feet (30 meters).

This presentation pointer was developed with compatibility for various platforms and software. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You should have no issues getting it to work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, and more.

To pair it to your device, you will need to use the included USB dongle. If you lose the dongle within 2 years, you may be able to get a replacement part for free. This model comes with a 3-year warranty, so make sure to register your purchase with the manufacturer for peace of mind!

In terms of design, the Dinofire remote features five main buttons on the top and additional buttons on the sides for other functions. The main buttons are quite large and easy to reach but not so for the side ones. Another gripe some users have is that the buttons are too close to each other.

As for its laser pointer, it comes with a bright green laser that’s very visible.

A big flaw with this laser pointer is that it often double clicks (or registers double presses of the button) instead of once. This seems to be a firmware issue, which will hopefully be fixed in the future.

The presentation pointer is powered by a built-in lithium battery. A one-hour recharge should allow you to keep using this pointer for a few weeks. When it is time to recharge, an indicator tells you that it is running low on battery.

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Canon PR10-G

Canon PR10-G Wireless Presentation Remote, Green
  • A Brilliant Green Laser1 that is 8X more visible than a standard red laser will get the attention of...
  • With up to 100-foot range, move freely around the room and engage your audience for greater impact.
  • Navigate your presentation easily with intuitive slideshow controls and a comfortable, smooth...

Last but not least is the Canon PR10-G. It has Mac and Windows compatibility and works well with PowerPoint and Keynote.

Its transmission distance is tied with Logitech’s Spotlight Remote to be the best of the few products here. At 100 feet (or 30.5 meters), the PR10-G should work well even in large lecture halls or meeting rooms. However, just like Logitech’s Spotlight Remote, the Canon PR10-G is also priced on the steep side.

To use it, you need to connect the included USB dongle to your computer, as it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. Power comes from 2 AAA batteries, and some users claim to have operated it 8 hours a day for 2 weeks, while hardly reducing battery life!

We like the vibrant green laser pointer and fancy LCD display on this unit. The LCD display is used to show statuses like time, battery level and signal strength of the remote. Furthermore, timed vibration alerts will help you stay on track in your presentation.

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We have compared the best model of Canon vs. Logitech. Wondering which has won the competition? Have a look at our fully review!


We recommend going for the Canon PR-10 if you want a presentation remote with excellent features, reliability and compatibility with MacBook. For something more affordable, go for Logitech’s R500, which is simple to use and is designed to be used with a variety of platforms.

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