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10 Best Movies To Watch On A Projector

10 Best Movies To Watch On A Projector

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When you have a home projector, there are many great movies that you should watch on it. Any movie will work well on a projector, so you can really choose whatever you want.

If you want to pick a movie that will get the most benefit from a projector, genres such as action, horror, or fantasy generally do better on a bigger screen.

A lot of movies were formatted with large screens in mind, and look better when they are shown in a bigger format than simply on the screen of a phone or the screen of a computer.

Having surround sound is also a great addition to watching movies on a projector, just like you would if you were watching the movie in a theater.

Even watching movies that you’ve seen multiple times before will seem different on a projector. You will be able to pick out smaller details, and will have a different experience than you did the other times you watched it.

Here are a few ideas of great movies to watch on a projector to help you start thinking of all the different possibilities that you have.

1. Jurassic Park

Dinosaur statue in Jurassic Park

This classic movie is all about gigantic dinosaurs, which makes it a great choice for watching on a large scale!

If you haven’t yet seen Jurassic Park, it’s a movie about a theme park that has brought back dinosaurs from extinction for the entertainment of its guests, until things go wrong and the dinosaurs get out.

When you watch the action of this movie through a projector, you will be able to feel like you are a part of it easier than you would if you were watching the dinosaurs roam around on your phone screen.


2. Harry Potter

While this isn’t a single movie, you could choose any of the movies from this series (or all of them) to watch on a projector.

They are great for watching on a projector because of how much design effort went into making the films. You will be able to catch all the smallest details and appreciate the great effects that were made to create magic in these movies.


3. Jaws

shark jaws

Jaws is a movie that made many people afraid of the water when it first came out. It features a murderous shark preying on visitors to a tourist town, and the efforts to stop it.

While a lot of the effects used in this movie can seem a bit dated compared to what we have today, it’s still a terrifying image on a large screen.

When watching Jaws on a large screen, you’ll be able to see (and be frightened by) the shark even more than you would if you were watching it on a small screen. Having the image of the shark larger will make it seem even more close to you, which is great if you are a fan of action and horror.


4. The Exorcist

the exorcist holding bible and hugging demonic creepy girl in bedroom

The Exorcist is one of the most notable horror movies. The story of a young girl who is possessed by a powerful and terrifying demon will seem lifelike when you have it up on a large screen.

In the movie, you see the girl’s demonic possession worsen, with symptoms such as hallucinations, levitating, strange speech, and manifesting the demon itself.

With the great acting and plot of this movie, you’ll be even more terrified by seeing it large in your own living room.


5. Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is set in the Vietnam War in the 1970s. It is a fictional story about a military officer who has gone insane, his actions, and the military’s efforts to stop him.

This iconic movie is great to watch on a large screen. This movie is packed with action scenes, and having it up on a large screen will enhance the energy that it builds.


6. Avatar

avatar woman in a magical forest

In this fantasy movie, there is a lot of special effects and editing done to create a whole alien planet called Pandora. The planet is threatened by being taken over from the native beings that inhabit it, who fight back the forces from Earth.

This movie has a lot of action and beautiful otherworldly visuals. It’s great to be able to experience it on a larger screen.


7. Interstellar


This sci-fi movie is about Earth in the near future, when it has become barren and can no longer sustain life. A team of scientists are sent through a wormhole to find a different place to move Earth’s civilization.

This movie has incredible special effects and visuals. Watching it on a large screen is almost essential in being able to enjoy this movie.


8. Spirited Away

Even though Spirited Away is almost 20 years old, its animations withstand the test of time.

It features a young girl whose parents were magically turned into pigs. She has to work at a resort for spirits in an effort for one of them to turn her parents into humans again.

The story is unique and interesting to all ages, so this movie is great to watch as a family.



Wall E

While WALL-E isn’t necessarily one of the most complex movies, it’s still a great one, and it’s perfect to watch if you have a family with young children.

The story of a small robot on an evacuated Earth finding a small plant is both sweet and uplifting, but also can teach children a lesson about the environment and human impact.


10. Planet Earth

planet earth

Planet Earth is a documentary known for its captivating images. Nature has its own way of being action-packed, and if you have never seen this documentary you will likely be surprised by both its quality and how interesting it is.

When you watch this on a smaller screen it’s still amazing, but being able to truly see all of the details of nature that the cameras capture is well worth your time for watching it on a projector.


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