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3 Best ALR Screen Paints

ALR screen paint holds the power to transform any room in your house into a home theater. No bulky projector screens required! Simply paint your ALR screen onto your wall (or even ceiling!) and instantly achieve a brighter and crisper picture quality. 

ALR (or ambient light rejection) technology only reflects light from sources pointed directly at the screen. This means you won’t have to worry about turning off all your lamps or investing in blackout curtains when movie night rolls around. 

Screen paints can also be considered a stylish alternative to your standard projector screen since they don’t take up any additional space and blend seamlessly into the rest of the room. This is a great option if, instead of having a dedicated space for your home theater, you choose to set up your projector in a room with more traffic, like the living room. 

Leave the screws, power tools, and cords at the door! 

What should you look for in ALR screen paints? 

What are the best ALR screen paints on the market? 

Keep reading to find out!

Paint on Screen Ultimate Contrast

Paint On Screen Projection/Projector Screen Paint - S1 Ultimate Contrast-Gallon G007
  • Exclusively from ProjectorScreen.com
  • Level 7 Shade - 2.0 Gain w/ Neutral Color Shift
  • Designed for High End entertainment environments with High Ambient Light.

This high-contrast water-soluble screen paint from Paint on Screen will brighten your projector’s picture without compromising your home’s style. It’s reasonably priced and won’t tear or crease like normal projector screens. 

While other screen paints require combining several components, you can apply Paint of Screen Ultimate Contrast straight from the tin, so you don’t have to turn your paint project into a mixology class. 

You can use this ALR screen paint in ambient lighting, so whether you’re painting a classroom, church, or your family’s living room, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the clearest picture without having to black out the space. 

What’s the point of owning a projector if you don’t unlock its true potential? This screen paint will have you projecting TV shows and movies come rain or shine. 

With a 2.0 gain, you know your projector will be brighter than ever before. Some screens and paints alter the image’s color, but Paint on Screen Ultimate Contrast has a neutral color shift. This makes the whites brighter and the darks darker without compromising the image’s overall color scheme. 

Best Projector Screen Paint

To apply Paint on Screen Ultimate Contrast, measure how big the painted area will need to be depending on how far your projector is set from the wall. Alternatively, you can use the tin to paint the whole wall, entirely concealing the fact that it’s a home theater screen. 

Thoroughly sand down the wall, and apply a primer. Let the primer fully dry before painting two light coats of Paint on Screen Ultimate Contrast. Always ensure the space is well-ventilated whenever painting. Measure and apply border tape for a traditional cinema look, or leave the wall blank for a sleek, contemporary appearance.  

We love the one-step application this screen paint offers and how bright and bold it makes colors look. It’s also fast-drying, so you won’t have to wait days to test it out. If you have a 4K projector, this screen paint will dazzle you with its crisp lines, even during daylight! 

However, we should mention it does have a slight odor, so keep the windows open and consider wearing a mask. 

What we like

  • We love the high-contrast image this screen paint creates without altering the colors or creating hotspots. 
  • The one-step application makes painting your home theater easy and mess-free.
  • The formula is low VOC, so it’s safe for your whole family. 
  • If you’re renting, you can paint over the screen before your lease is up. Don’t worry, we won’t tell! 

What we don’t like

  • The paint can be a bit lumpy when first opened, so give it a good stir. 

Pro Screen Professional HD Screen Solution

Pro Screen HD Projection/Projector Screen Paint 1080P Full HD Quality - 1 Quart Kit
  • High Quality Professional HD Projection Screen Paint - Gray Scale - 1080p, Blu-ray & 3D Compatible
  • Ultra High Titanium Dioxide Solution - Perfect for any lighting condition
  • 1 Quart = 80 Sq. Ft Coverage(Avg) - Neutral Light Gray Finish - 1080p 4K 3D compatible

This affordable but powerful screen paint ensures you get the bang for your buck. With a latex-free and lead-free formula, it’s allergy-sensitive and safe. The powdered glass, which you mix in yourself, ensures a bright image without leaving you in the dark. 

Pro Screen Professional HD Screen Solution used to be for commercial use only, but now you too can have the executive experience without paying the executive price. 

This screen paint is for those who don’t want to compromise quality without breaking the bank. You can expect a 2.0 gain light grayscale color with a professional finish, which will blend effortlessly into your home, regardless of your style. 

The kit, consisting of one quart of the screen solution and a powdered glass additive, creates enough paint to cover an area of over 100 inches, ensuring your home theater will be the talk of the town. Only one coat of paint is required, so you don’t have to worry about running out of solution for a second layer. 

Pro Screen Professional HD Screen Solution is compatible with all projectors, 4K included! It creates a bright and high-contrast image, with powerful colors that will make you forget you’re at home, not in the cinema. You can even use it to project 3D images! Whether you want to travel to the rainforest, deep ocean, or another galaxy, you can be instantaneously transported there with the click of a button. 

The Pro Screen Professional HD Screen Solution works best on flat surfaces, so sanding the wall and filling in any gaps is vital. Make sure to use a primer if your walls are darker so the paint stands out. 

Pro Screen HD Projection/Projector Screen Paint 1080P Full HD Quality
Click image for more info

When combining the powdered glass additive, mix it in little by little to avoid clumping. Consider wearing a mask and goggles to ensure the power does not get in your eyes, mouth, or nose. It’s recommended to apply the paint with a foam roller to avoid streaks. 

If you use primer, make sure it’s completely dry before applying one generous coat of screen paint to your wall. Allow it to fully dry and be amazed! 

We love the bold colors this screen paint creates. This high-contrast technology produces a true one-of-a-kind appearance, especially when enhancing the black level, which is perfect for space-themed movies. Say goodbye to glare and hotspots, and hello to a majestic cinematic experience. The powdered glass additive takes some time to mix thoroughly into the solution, but the payoff is well worth it. 

What we like

  • This screen paint produces bold and bright colors when used with all projectors.  
  • It’s comparable to high-end projector screens for only a fraction of the price. 
  • If your walls are already a light color, you won’t need to spend extra time and money on applying a primer. 
  • With a one-coat application, this screen solution creates a smooth, even finish without investing in an additional quart of paint. 

What we don’t like

  • You will have to mix the powdered glass additive package yourself, so take precautionary safety measures. 

Paint on Screen UST-ALR

Paint on Screen UST (Ultra Short Throw) – ALR (Ambient Light Reflecting) is the high-quality bright white screen solution specifically designed for your short throw projector. This paint is fantastic if your home theater is on the smaller side, but you still want to project onto a large surface area. One gallon of paint can cover a 100-inch surface several times over, allowing you to apply as many coats as needed. 

NEC U310W ultra short throw on our new luminous ALR UST 4K screen paint available now

If you’ve invested money into a 4K projector, don’t let it go to waste! This screen paint will complement your high-end projector beautifully, making sure that a high-resolution picture doesn’t go to waste. 

The elite edge-blending technology creates a seamless and stylish look so that your projecting surface isn’t just a blank rectangle on your wall. 

If your home theater is located right in your living room, or you’re looking to project images in a church, office, or school, this paint allows you to maximize your space without having to compromise style and sophistication. 

The ambient light-reflecting technology combined with a 0.7 reflective gain ensures a clear and bright picture no matter the time of day, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over the furniture when moving around during movie night. The wide-angle viewing feature ensures the screen can be clearly seen from any direction, so you won’t have to fight to sit front and center. 

Paint on Screen UST-ALR barely has an odor, which is fantastic if you’re sensitive to smell or need to use the room shortly after painting it. It’s also fast-drying, so you can start watching your favorite movies instead of watching the paint dry. 

When using this screen paint, you must first sand and spackle the area before applying a primer. After the primer dries, apply up to three coats, depending on your wall’s color and texture, allowing the wall to fully dry in between layers. 

Use a foam or microfiber roller or a sprayer for best results. When applying paint with a roller, ensure the foam is sufficiently wet and do not linger on one area for too long. 

The luminous picture the Paint on Screen UST-ALR paint gives off is incredible, even in daylight. The one-step product makes for an easy application, which is good considering you may need to paint on several coats. 

The UST technology makes the colors dynamic and powerful, completely transforming the entire viewing experience. The gallon of paint also contains enough product to cover an extensive surface area, so you can customize your home theater exactly to your needs and preferences. 

What we like

  • The electric colors really stand out, giving your home theater a professional feel. 
  • The edge blending technology gives the screen a chic, polished finish. 
  • A wide viewing angle means you’ll be able to see a flawless picture, no matter where you’re sitting. 
  • The formula doesn’t have a strong odor, so you won’t get headaches while painting. 

What we don’t like

  • You will need to apply two to three coats in addition to a primer. 

Buyer’s Guide to ALR Screen Paint

The world of ALR screen paint can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terms found on the products used to describe the reflectivity and color. Have no fear. We’re here to walk you through them, so you’ll look and feel like a pro when in the screen paint aisle. 

Paint On Screen Projection/Projector Screen Paint
Click image for more info

The Screen Paint’s Reflective Gain

A screen paint’s gain refers to how much light it reflects from the projector. So the higher the gain, the more light it will reflect. Of course, if you’re not sitting directly in the front-center of the projector, you’ll see a slightly dimmer picture. Therefore, gain measures how much light the screen reflects at its highest point. 

Although a high gain screen will create a brighter picture if you’re sitting right in the center, the image will be dimmer if you’re sitting to the side of the screen. However, a low gain screen will allow for a wide viewing angle, so you’ll be able to see the picture clearly no matter where you’re seated. 

When looking at a screen paint’s gain, it’s up to you to decide what’s important for your home theater: ultra-bright in one spot, or slightly less bright but visible at every angle.

The Screen Paint’s Color

The color of screen paint that’s right for you will depend on, in part, how strong your projector is. If your projector is slightly dim, it’s best to go with a lighter color of paint that will absorb less light. However, you can use gray screen paint if you have a powerful projector with a high-lumen output. 

Projector Screen Color Comparison | Carl's Place DIY Home Theater Projector Screens

Darker colors have a higher contrast, which leads to a crisper picture. While white paint will be brighter, the colors may not be as bold. 

Some ALR screen paints are a light-gray color, so it’s best to use them only if you have a powerful projector. 

Wrapping Things Up 

Ultimately, the best ALR screen paint for you depends on your projector’s strength, how much money you’re willing to spend, and if you prefer having it super bright in one spot or slightly dimmer all around. 

Our final recommendation is the Pro Screen Professional HD Screen Solution . It’s perfect if you’re on a budget and makes your projector’s colors pop. Although you will have to mix in the powdered glass additive yourself, it’s a one-coat application and doesn’t need a primer if your walls are already lightly colored. 

What’s your experience with ALR screen paints? 

What do you look for when shopping for ALR screen paints? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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