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Yesenia Achlim

Yesenia Achlim is a technical copywriter and editor with a focus on AV equipment. She aims to break down complicated topics and make technology accessible, no matter your technical expertise. When she’s not teaching you how to replace a projector lamp, you can find her reading and baking.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not an avid gamer and just bought your new projector to watch things on a big screen. After all, let’s face it: we mainly use our projectors to watch Netflix. So, why wouldn’t we specifically shop for projectors with Netflix in mind? You’d think that buying a projector solely …

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Up until now, you’ve been displaying content on your Epson projector by connecting your laptop to it via an HDMI cable. While this solution is practical, you’re tired of a computer and cables cluttering your home theater setup. The solution is obvious: go wireless by casting content from your device and using your projector as …

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